Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Recommended Supplements for People Over Age 50

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46 thoughts on “Recommended Supplements for People Over Age 50
  1. Regarding the Glutathione, another way to increase these levels in the body is by taking Milk Thistle which is an overall protective substance for the liver.

  2. Ouch, another $500 worth of supplements. For me, it also important to take liposomal vitamin c, a quality omega 3 fish oil, D3 with K3, and magnesium my doc wanted me to take calcium carbonate, which I declined. If you had to choose only one of these supplements which would it be? I was thinking the NMN would be the best choice for the money.

  3. (NAC and bone broth), keep, cysteine, glutamine, and glycine intake high, RALA preserves glutathione in The liver. citiCholine is also vital for boosting glutathione through the methionine pathway in creating cysteine. Don’t look to plants based or glutathione supplements its garbage compared to what a flesh body makes and actually craves.

  4. Dr. Brad Stanfield has a video explaining why he stopped taking NMN.
    Dr. Rob Cywes recommends animal based foods with no supplements.
    There are apparently many different views on this issue.

  5. How much protein should I eat if I want to recomp on carnivore diet. I am currently 280lbs. Most places online say eat .7g per lb. That seems unhealthy. What is your thoughts.

  6. When you started talking about glutathione and how it’s better to have your body make its own I was expecting you to next say take NAC which helps your liver create glutathione! Do you not know that? And how do you feel about taking NAC? I take 1600mg a day.

  7. Hey Thomas wanted to ask a quick question. Is it normal for me to feel and look watery when I have high carbs? Like I feel when I have high carbs I can see the water retention in the skin of my belly

  8. I started drinking coffee every morning at 54, usually 2 cups a day for my 200 pounds. I noticed some improvements eating more avocados, sardines and oysters, instead of junky processed carbs and lunch meat.

  9. You really are a Godsend to me, helping me the way you are and giving me tools to help me with the Keto diet and IF to help me deal with my health. KNOW how important your efforts are to so many of us. Thank you💝 My doctors are useless. Stone age.

  10. I love it, I feel so great following what you inform us.
    It's costing me 100 bucks everytime I watch you. Thank you for the great info and making me great again.

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