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Cytology Questions bank is released now By Dr. Mlelwa

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We are teaching O-level and A-level BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS. For your better performance of your NECTA exams SUBSCRIBE this channel by clicking the subscribe button and bell icon then choose all notification. Alternatively you may click the link below and then click the subscribe button followed by bell icon and then choose all for more updates.

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Dr. Mlelwa LECTURES we ensure you with updated materials for your better NECTA EXAMINATIONS PERFORMANCE. We are teaching science subjects based on Tanzania new syllabus for Advanced level. We also provide notes for ordinary level and advanced level in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. For PCB students, we are teaching BAM (basic applied mathematics) in this channel.

For any concern use WhatsApp or Telegram 0714483548 or 0620671231. Notes can be found in Dr. Mlelwa Lectures app by 3000 only.
To get notes follow the steps below;
1. Go to playstore and download Dr. Mlelwa Lectures app using this link
2.Go to study notes.
3. See this video for payment instructions
4. You can also contact us so as to help you how to pay

Notes are competent, updated and written by using new Tanzania syllabus for advanced level. You can get the notes by contacting with administrative staffs of Dr. Mlelwa LECTURES using above contacts.

For discussions, getting past papers and sharing notes from different schools in Tanzania. Join the telegram groups below. Here you will meet with Dr. Mlelwa stuffs and other students from different schools all over Tanzania. You will be equipped with learning techniques which made people Tanzania one (TO) and we are sure that they can help you to perform well in your exams. Make sure you have telegram app in your phone or telegram desktop in your computer before clicking the link.

Dr. Mlelwa A-level students
Sharing notes, exams and questions of science subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced mathematics and BAM for both Ordinary level and Advanced level. The materials shared and lectures are based on Tanzania syllabus and new examinations formats are used.

Dr. Mlelwa O-level students
Platform of discussions, sharing notes and Exam questions for O-level students taking Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics. Increase your performance in the NECTA EXAMS through discussions with students from many O-level schools in Tanzania.

Dr. Mlelwa co-workers
Platform for people who are working together with Dr. Mlelwa in distributing notes and books all over Tanzania. If you can work with me in one way or another, distributing the notes and books. Please don’t join this group if you can’t work with Dr. Mlelwa, you will be removed soon as you have joined.

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