Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

This is PBC | Prof James Neuberger

Part of our PBC Day 2021 bite-sized video series for PBC TV.

Professor James Neuberger presents an introduction to Primary Biliary Cholangitis, perfect for those who are newly diagnosed. Topics covered include: What is PBC? How is PBC diagnosed? and How is PBC treated?

Also available in this series: ‘PBC and Itch’, ‘PBC and Symptoms’, and ‘PBC and What’s my future?’.

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2 thoughts on “This is PBC | Prof James Neuberger
  1. Mine was recently diagnosed through lab work,and CT scan…took me 2 months for New gastro appointment and now im waiting another 4 weeks for Fibroscan ,hopefully won't be another 2 months for follow up..were slow here in the USA especially in las vegas lol

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