Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

What can we do about the Chronic Disease Epidemic, inappropriate aging and allergies?

Inappropriate amounts of chronic, systemic, Inflammation is the primary generator and driver of chronic disease, aging and allergies. What can we do to control this inflammation? Medicines? No! I mean, they help but NOTHING compared to what recognizing that the insult is diet.

Inappropriate foods it, by far, the biggest trigger for this nastiest cascade of events.

Lowering the redox potential of the mitochondria is at the root of systemic inflammation and consideration of an ancestrally consistent nutritional protocol should be the most important intervention to consider.

Food sovereignty? We are really going to have to consider the consequence not looking beyond the eastern agricultural complex for ancestral foods. We need to deepen our understandings of what our ancestors ate BEFORE agriculture. The trajectory within the Indigenous food sovereignty movements needs to consider and be tailored to better suit our opportunity increase health in Indigenous communities.


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3 thoughts on “What can we do about the Chronic Disease Epidemic, inappropriate aging and allergies?
  1. Absolutely correct. All is inflammation.

    The best two things I found that works easy and fast against it is when I eat only Rae food without mixing foods or seasoning it so that I do not change the foods chemistry at all eating only the one single raw food of any kind and in five days all inflammation from head to toe is so blatantly seen going away powerfully and the other way I found that works in an hour is pulsed magnetics bit mush have a spark gap for the energy to jump through before it goes through the magnet coil and the North Pole energy must fade the body to work or the South Pole makes bad circulation with inflammation.

    These two things are the best I could find in 30 years of research and testing.

    Inflammation is a passion of mine for so long so I will enjoy this show of yours talk on this topic and hope to understand more how it all works for greater advancement in understanding.

    Thanks 🙏🏼

  2. After listening I see your overall right about how the elements we need are in the meats and organs are highest. I get all that. Been there. Did the Eskimo diet of raw meat only and found that the most powerful when it comes to eating flesh at least. It’s the lower diet though. Yes it makes us strong and healthy and cures just about anything especially the hardest disease to cure that is the fungus’s. But it does not bring magical Spirtual power because of eating blood I found.

    When I eat Raw mono fruit I get the same power as the raw mono meat 🍖 t then the additional power of spirit comes only from raw mono fruit or veggies.

    The reason people don’t get the elements that you get from meat is because they with heat cook out them and they go up into the air into a dioxide gas. These foods are more delicate and this chemistry change happens quite fast but with meats it takes much more heat and time under the heat to cook out the elements into the air as a dioxide gas.

    The only way the meat has these elements high in abundance is because the animals that eat free range or wild get them from the plant foods they eat raw mono and carnivores get it all from the eating of the flesh of plant eating animals or plant eating bugs. It had to come to them from somewhere and this is where it comes from. The plants get it all from the sun that makes the vitamins and minerals organic minerals through the process of photosynthesis changing the inorganic rock minerals to organic. The less you cook the meat the more you get from it.

    They tell us the more it’s cooked the more carcinogenic it becomes amd it’s true.

    This is my own personal findings from research and testing that found best.

    The world I saw in the Bible became needing kings and judges and police or armies to govern the people after the people cried to Moses to let them eat the meat stew cooked in the black kettle with fire. That’s when he then gave the the food laws because they wanted this so bad. Then later they began to beg for a king and priests because they lost good calm nerves for good self governance. It was mainly the cooking that did it and. Or the meats.
    That’s why the Eskimos that ate it only raw without ever eating fruits, veggies or grains of any kind never had kings or armies until now today on the sad American diet. That’s what changed everything.

    Try it, that’s how I found this morning is all true amd why Jesus said no Prost may partake of blood, meaning if you eat blood you don’t get his kind of magical power as any real and true priest should all have but they don’t because they keep the outside of their bodies temple of god clean but the inside is dirty and toxic as filthy rags as he said and this is because they are what’s called sacrifice foods. That means foods that were called burnt offerings meaning cooked foods.

    This is the greatest secret of all times we all always wanted…

  3. Happily, Goldenrods, solidago canadensis are not responsible for people's allergies; ragweed is, I think. Goldenrods are pollinated by insects, whereas ragweed is wind-pollinated, I think. Ragweed's pollen is blown up into the air, naturally.

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