Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Abliva – Designing Therapies for Mito Disease

At Abliva we are very proud of our research group and their ability to design new medicines for patients with primary mitochondrial diseases. Eskil Elmér, founder of Abliva and Chief Scientific Officer, is responsible for designing experiments to support the therapies we are developing while also creating new therapies.
The NV354 project is based on an Abliva innovation in which the body’s own energy substrate, succinate, is made available in the cell via a ‘prodrug’ technology where the drug becomes active after entering the body. NV354 has been designed to address a common cause of primary mitochondrial disease, complex I dysfunction. When complex I is dysfunctional energy conversion is not sufficient, limiting cellular function with a risk of metabolic crisis. This dysfunction is apparent in disorders including Leigh syndrome and MELAS, both of which are very serious diseases with symptoms such as muscle weakness, seizures and other severe neurological manifestations.


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