Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Knowledge Bomb: Removing Alcohol, Product Review: Fast Food, Guest: Ian Mitchell: Brain Health #125

Knowledge bomb: Dr. G goes in on his 3 major steps on removing alcohol out of your life. He goes over how to slowly begin to integrate a new social self without alcohol and all the obstacles that can occur. A must if you are thinking about reducing or stopping alcohol intake.

Product review: Dr. G reviews a recent report that letter graded the top best and worst food chains using meat high in antibiotics. He reviews why antibiotic resistance is a massive public health issue and how to avoid falling victim to it.

Special Guest Interview: Scientist and founder of Wizard Sciences Ian Mitchell joins the show to talk about all things brain health. We dive deep into the science of mitochondria, energy production, brain health/ dementia, muscle health, and gut healing. We talk about why his formulas are helping so many people with disease and the science behind an effective supplement. This one is for the science nerds!

Guest Bio: Ian Mitchell is a leading researcher of Carbon60 and holds many new patents in the space. He is working towards bringing quantum medicine into the forefront and using nanoparticles and many other modalities to enhance peoples’ and pet’s lifespans and more importantly health spans. Ian has founded Biocharged, a company that was inspired by Nikola Tesla, the original expert in ozone, and is committed to packing as much ozone into a pill.

Ian is the Polymath in Residency at Ecliptic Capital, the Lead Scientist at Biocharged and Wizard Sciences, and the head of R&D at BioHack. As the Lead Scientist at Biocharged, Ian helped develop Resistor, a charged Ozonated Oil that promotes gut support, cellular strength, and provides immune support, just to name a few things.

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