Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Content Reaction #42: What I've Learned (Joseph Everett) on Vegetable Oils and Health.

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5 thoughts on “Content Reaction #42: What I've Learned (Joseph Everett) on Vegetable Oils and Health.
  1. yo hey thanks for this quick video reply. I was about to blast Joseph Everett's videos to all my friends, family, and parents, and take credit for basically singlehandedly preventing them from getting alzheimer's just because his videos sound so scientific and research data evidence backed, and I like to rub this kind of stuff in their faces because I take pride in considering myself as objective and evidence based.

    But your reaction video was really spot on. I checked some of the things you said, and it's true; e.g. japanese doctor was indeed quite a quack (e.g. he's the editor in chief of the journal that he published his paper on, for which he was the sole author), and Joseph Everett did indeed cheery pick quite a lot of data.

    Thanks for your work! And thanks for posting this asap. His videos get lots of views and I used to be like a religious follower of his based on how scientific they sounded. Damn, can't trust anything now-a-days. For all I know, he could be lobbied by the butter, tallow, lard industry. Jk, i respect both your work and his work a lot, but I've now grown suspicious of him if he's not thoroughly reading through the entire journal papers.

    What's the note clipping app you use on the left of your video?

  2. Great video, this seed oil fear is such a mind boggling agenda the keto-carnivore crowd lached onto. Don't know why they care about it.
    "Eat more fat, sure. But only the kind that is associated with CVD risk". like lol, wtf.

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