Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated!

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24 thoughts on “Possible Effect of MCT Oil on Fatty Liver Investigated!
  1. Hello brother, we really need subtitles in Spanish, I recommend many people to follow you but not all of us know fluent English and it costs us a lot, plus you will have Latin attention, I await your response. For me you are the best

  2. I can't do mct oil it makes hurl. Tried keto and can't do it makes me sick. I stay low carb and eat according to my blood type now wirks much better. Since i have very rare blood type.

  3. You went past that study so fast I had to go back and freeze the frame. The actual stated goal of the study "…was to establish the effects of MCT on appetite and food intake and determine whether differences were due to differences in hormone concentrations." They didn't say anything about fatty liver.

  4. As a cyclist, I’ve been consuming a protein shake with collagen, creatinine and MCT oil and/or MCT powder before my rides. BUT! I’ve been getting stomach distress and it manifests itself as a need for “porcelain” if you get my drift…. Really puts a cramp on my club rides as I have to find a facility and that’s not always possible. Anyone else experience this? Recommendations on how to avoid it? I seem to be able to manifest more wattage output when I do use MCT, but I’m really tired of needing to find a bathroom when I’m riding.

  5. Thomas, dude you look sick, what’s with the dark circles around your eyes? Hope you’re ok! Haven’t watched your videos in months but love and support you. Stay strong. Much love.

  6. A lot of the "research" is just guessing about how things work. This is at least as rational as the claim that "calories make you fat" – they don't. Insulin makes you fat. That's a fact. I would like to know how much MCT oil one should take (eat, ingest) to best trigger these results. Is a tablespoon enough? Can you use coconut oil or is that not good enough? Some of these videos get you to the water then you're left to guess what you should do next. It's a lot like going to a Billy Graham Crusade.

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