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Bioenergetics and Biological Oxidation Review

This live review discusses the role and importance of Bioenergetics and Biological Oxidation in the different metabolic processes that the various macromolecules undergo.

Bioenergetics is the study of the energy changes that accompany chemical reactions. Metabolism which is the sum total of all the biochemical processes within the body consists of different energy utilizing and energy liberating reactions. In metabolism, metabolic fuel is utilized through biological oxidations and the energy produced from such reactions may be utilized to drive the energy-requiring reactions.

This video lecture is divided into the following topics:
00:00 – Introduction
07:10 – Introduction to Bioenergetics
09:36 – Laws of Thermodynamics
10:40 – First Law of Thermodynamics and Enthalpy
13:44 – Change in Enthalpy
19:13 – Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
27:06 – Biochemical Application of the Laws of Thermodynamics
27:28 – Gibb’s Free energy
29:34 – Change in Free Energy
47:08 – Standard Free Energy Change
48:17 – Concept of Coupled Reactions
58:44 – High-Energy Compounds
1:00:36 – Low-Energy Compounds
1:04:44 – Biological Oxidation
1:06:50 – Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
1:12:51 – Types of Electron Transfers in Biological Oxidation
1:14:51 – Reducing Equivalents and Reduction Potential
1:16:14 – Standard reduction Potential
1:27:29 – Phosphorylation: Substrate Level vs. Oxidative
1:31:48 – Universal Electron Transfers
1:32:47 – Respiration: Electron Transport Chain (ETC)
1:38:48 – ETC: Complex I
1:41:38 – ETC: Complex II
1:45:23 – ETC: Complex III
1:47:11 – ETC: Complex IV
1:52:47 – Proton-Motive Force
1:55:37 – ATP Synthesis
1:56:09 – Chemiosmotic Theory of ATP Synthesis
1:58:42 – Rotational Catalysis
2:01:07 – P/O Ratio
2:04:51 – Regulation of Oxidative Phosphorylation
2:09:13 – Electron Transport Chain Inhibitors (Uncouplers)

The video is presenting Bioenergetics and Biological Oxidation information but also try to cover the following subject:
– what is biological oxidation?
– biology oxidation-reduction reactions
– biological oxidation

Some illustrations and information sourced from:
– Koolman, Color Atlas of Biochemistry, 3rd edition: (eBook available)
– Lieberman, Michael, Marks, Allan. Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry, A clinical Approach, 5th Edition: (eBook available)
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