Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Episode 311: Dr. Robert Lustig

“Metabolic Effects Of Processed Foods And Transcending The Diet Wars Once And For All”

What a fantastic opportunity to catch up with perhaps the world’s leading anti-sugar crusader, Dr. Robert Lustig.

A pediatric endocrinologist and professor emeritus at UC San Francisco, Dr. Lustig is also the bestselling author of groundbreaking books like Fat Chance, The Hacking Of The American Mind, and the 2021 release titled, Metabolical.

This man is fighting a valiant and high stakes battle against the mighty opponents of industrialized food, tainted science, and poor government regulation. What’s refreshing about Dr. Lustig is that he does not have an angle in the game—he is simply reporting the facts and phenomenons that have led us down the disastrous path to becoming the fattest, sickest developed nation in the history of the planet.

Dr. Lustig also offers compelling solutions, and it starts with taking responsibility for your own health, voting with your pocketbook (because there is always going to be more money than votes, so the money always wins). It also may be important to consider this processed food problem with the seriousness and urgency as climate change, for example. We also talk about how to choose foods that will protect your liver and nourish your gut, as Dr. Lustig has a gift for simplifying the often frustrating challenge of eating food that helps protect against disease while also maintaining a healthy body weight. There’s also some fascinating scientific info featured in this episode, as we talk about the importance of optimizing our leptin signaling and how leptin dysregulation affects our appetite and weight.

Enjoy this episode with the great Dr. Lustig and don’t forget to check out the B.rad Breather episode about his book, The Hacking Of The American Mind.

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