Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Why you should ditch Vitamin D pills & sunglasses with Dr. Corey DOM – lessons from Dr. Jack Kruse

Meet Optimal Light Doc – who studied with Dr. Jack Kruse for many years.
Everyone knows how important vitamin D is for our immune system – weight loss & inflammation – but did you know that taking Vitamin D3 supplements & wearing sunglasses can stop your body from actually making the hormone D?

In this interview with Dr. Corey Ghazvini we talk about his years studying with Dr. Jack Kruse, morning sunlight, what is inflammation, dopamine and sunlight, why you should ditch the supplements and sunglasses & how to use a Sperti vitamin D lamp


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Corey Ghazvini, also known as the Optimal Light Doc, is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Corey is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Herbologist, and is also nationally board certified in Biomedicine. He graduated summa cum laude from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2019, earning an MS in Oriental Medicine. He is in private practice in Tallahassee, Florida and is the CEO and leading clinician of Optimal Light. Optimal Light is a health education initiative, providing coaching and education to clients worldwide. Using the integration of the ancient philosophies of the east, and meeting them with the modern scientific innovations of the west, Corey provides clients with the actionable information they need to achieve the quantum leap toward optimal health. Trying to decipher nature’s message, his ultimate goal is to answer all of life’s most enduring questions: “Who are we?”…“Where did we come from?”…“Why do we get sick?”, and “What makes us healthy?”. He is currently writing the series on the origins of biology and how light shaped life in evolution on Patreon. Join the revolution, and reconnect with nature, Where Epigenetics Reverse Disease!

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27 thoughts on “Why you should ditch Vitamin D pills & sunglasses with Dr. Corey DOM – lessons from Dr. Jack Kruse
  1. Brilliant! Love Dr Corey. He has taught me so much about how to optimize my health. I strongly recommend everyone follow him and work with him. He has truly changed my life and improved the health of my family.

  2. Some profound new material here for me. I have had massive gains from going carnivore and refining that…light is another frontier. Exciting!
    PS: When I was having my health struggles, I always found relief living outdoors in the wild, off-grid. This was despite having a horrible plant-based high carb diet which was killing me. I think that simply doing that saved my life and now allows me to thrive.

  3. So much great information! I’m fortunate that I’m retired and don’t have to be on screens all the time. Definitely making more changes with my screen time. And I do love that he said grounding is every bit as important as light. I watched a documentary a few years ago called Earthing and it was fascinating. I’m going to dig into that more as I live in the northeast and making D is not possible during the winter. I’d love to hear more about grounding devices that work. Great interview!

  4. I want to get more sunlight. Right now I have a second floor place with a nice south facing balcony and its very private most of the time. But im moving and our yard is north facing with very little sunlight. I dress modestly because of my religious beliefs and so just wearing shorter clothes when I'm out is not an option for me. K have been thinking about this for over a year. I dont want to end up vitamin D deficient again because I dont have a private place I can sun bath…it seems I cannot find a way to get the sunlight i need without compromising my religion. Its very frustrating. ☹

  5. Sarah- not to spam your comments, but on my walk today (barefoot up and down hills, with some yogamixed in) I thought about adjusting my daily wake up time to follow the seasonal dawn: instead of my usual fixed 5:30 AM, I will get up 30 min before sunrise, enough time to do some yoga and then be out the door at dawn to catch the first light. I love these longer-term experiments, I think that this is a big part of my resounding success in personal health and fitness in recent years. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Thanks again to you and Dr. Corey, he is an excellent guest.

  6. Please add the full length interview to YouTube (as this allows me to watch/listen on TV or my work computer without having to wear my ear pods 😉.
    While not quite as 'charismatic' ad Dr. Kruse he has such a wealth of knowledge, and I always learn something new on your podcasts even when I think I've heard it all now😳.
    I have benefitted so much from the light hygiene things I've learned from your previous podcasts with Dr. Kruse and Dr. Hunt (and further binge watching everything else they have put out there). I haven't missed a sunrise, drive only with my windows open (no matter how cold it is 🥴), work with an open window and have the blue light filters on all my electronic devices cranked to the max ("what's wrong with your monitor? do yo need a new one?" "No, all fine, I love the orange screen" 😁), take several breaks to go outside during the day and eat at the open window. I have never been that tanned going into summer (southern hemisphere here 🦘) and I am feeling so much better (after having pretty much messed up my whole metabolism going carnivore from keto 😶). Long story short, thank you for all the continuous information you put out there and for sharing your journey with us. 💕💓

  7. I sat outside without my glasses on for 30 minutes in shorts and a t-shirt. I felt like I had had a cup of coffee afterwards without the crash!!! Amazing!

  8. Oh wow. Now I understand how I lost 80 pounds in 4 months. When my husband of 30 yrs. left, I worked outside the entire summer, from sun up to sun down. It was amazing, I never felt so good and so alive. I never really spent much time outside before that summer. To me, losing the weight was a miracle because I had always tried to lose weight but never succeeded. Now this explains it. I cannot thank you enough for this video. I've been so down because I've regained most of the weight and had no idea of how to lose it again. I love the Carnivore diet but it just wasn't the complete answer for me. One video covered so much; horrible sleep problems, unhealthy lights on in the house 24/7, inflammation and weight gain. Thrilled I found this video, thanks again!

  9. so I'm halfway through this interview and I have a couple of questions. I work in front of a screen all day – but I have blue blocker glasses on — does that help at all? Also, I drive a lot and my driving glasses also have blue blocker lenses in them (zeeni) – when I re-order new driving glasses should I not include that filter? But sometimes the light reflected off cars etc is not natural and can hurt my eyes (at least that's what I think is true) – wouldn't it be better to wear sunglasses in this case? Same for snow and out on water — ok. Now I'll go listen to the rest and see if my questions are answered. MUCH appreciated

  10. Sara, I’m just looking for the video where you talk about improving your GFR but can’t seem to find it. Can you let me know which it is please? Thanks a million😘

  11. Hi will you ever be having Dr. Jay Montgomery, Opthalmology on the podcast anytime soon? He also has learned from Kruse, and is into quantum biology, etc. So many people have eye issues, glaucoma or cataracts with lens put it (which blocks frequencies of light), love to have someone in the eye field offer their wisdom. 🙂

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