Friday, December 3, 2021
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Can You Have Functional Movement Without Having Functional Breathing?

Peter Lakatos is a Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, Master StrongFirst Instructor and a Krav-Maga Expert 3 instructor under Eyal Yanilov.

He works as a strength and conditioning advisor for many successful athletes in Hungary in Judo, MMA, and Brazilian jiu jitsu, and has created the Ground Force Method (

Peter Lakatos
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5 thoughts on “Can You Have Functional Movement Without Having Functional Breathing?
  1. Interesting discussion. Thank you. During the discussion I was wondering if the vital signs would be significantly different for Jiu Jitsu practitioners, say, versus tennis players, when they are competing or if the Jiu Jitsu practitioners might have a higher desire and tolerance for "life threatening" activities than tennis players and would thus not be more stressed than tennis players. Or is there a primordial unconscious fear that makes Jiu Jitsu fundamentally more stressful?

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