Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Mic The Vegan on CoQ10.
  1. Bart, I am Asian, people eat a fair amount of meat. Chinese eat lots of pork, Japanese eat lots of fish. Veganism is not considered healthy, and we only eat small amounts of soy on occasion.

  2. I roast beef and venison hearts several times a year for their Co-Q10 content, but never thought of it as an antioxidant. Actually, I want it because of it’s energetic contributions to cardiac, liver and kidney health.

  3. Bart, should I do extended fast while doing chemo? I know I probably wouldn't have much appetite to eat at I wonder if I could just use the chance to do the extended fast…or should I at least force myself to eat something?

  4. If only Mic was the worse thing you had to worry about! I hear that your fine fine leader is proposing to jab KFC customers while they are queuing outside waiting for their daily dose of really healthy food. Sounds like a great plan. Maybe they should give out jabs at methadone clinics and at local bottle shops too (not sure what you call alcohol shops in NZ, let me know). That would sort out the health of the great unwashed lol.

  5. My mom was a religious fanatic who, when it came to arguing various subjects, liked to say we were made in the image of God. We are perfect as we are. I told her that until modern times humans used to only live about 40 years. Now we live 80 years. So which is closer to perfection, 40 or 80? I don't know the answer, but that's a big gap.

    She being an ultra fanatic, refused to believe the 40 year lifespan. And went the other way, believing we used to live past 100 on average. I guess it implies that in the bible somewhere. (I'm not using her as a straw man to make a point. She just wasn't very bright).

    Also, for the last 30 years of her life, though in perfect health and physique, she took about 8 supplements a day. Drank all the right teas and ate lots of veggies.

    Ahhh lovely. The smell of sardines and buttermilk. That's how I remember dear mother best.

    I remember sitting at the breakfast table with her as a kid saying, "If we were made JUST how we were meant to be, then why all the smelly pills mom? BTW she suffered various cancers for the last 10 years of her life then died prematurely.

    tl;dr Supplements are stupid.

    Rule of thumb: When kids see adults doing things that don't make sense to them. Those things usually don't make sense.

  6. Which is a bigger contributor to modern health issues – exposure to various chemicals (fabric softner, cleaning products, plastics) or shift toward grain/seed oil based diets?

  7. Bart, the masculine boy again , Delauer is out with a video about joint pain ,claiming that vegetables and mono,poly unsaturated fats are the fix for joints ,while saturated fats are the opposite!! ..of course showing some (scientific) studies..!!

  8. That plant based and pescatarian study is a bit odd. They defined cases as having symptoms or a positive test. Which means that 1737 of their 2884 "cases" reported having had a negative test. They also asked participants which of 11 dietary patterns they followed, before grouping responses into three patterns. Plant-based, plant-based and pescatarian, low carb/high protein. They ask the participants how severe their symptoms were and then find that low carb/high protein folks were more likely to report more severe symptoms. But I don't see the demographic information broken down by dietary patterns. So, there's no way to see in what other ways these cohorts differed. Also, the supplemental material shows there was very little difference between the foods eaten between people identifying as "low carb" and not. Low carb respondents ate a bit less refined grains and pastries and a bit more nuts and legumes. Low carbers also seemed to eat slightly less red meat, butter, dairy and vegetable oil. That's a weird low carb/high protein diet cohort.

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