Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Sunshine – Ketosis – Fasting – Supplements – D3 lamps and red lights – FAQS

Can you actually lose weight and heal by changing your relationship with light? I am going to answer your questions today about sunshine- ketosis – fasting – supplements – D3 lamps & red lights – and how these tools can help you heal!
This is not medical advice at all I will give some resources of doctors you can contact if you need a doctor. Please read the information section below!

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This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey – I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional!

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18 thoughts on “Sunshine – Ketosis – Fasting – Supplements – D3 lamps and red lights – FAQS
  1. Sarah i have been hearing Dr Hunt and Dr Kruse since you had them on your channel. I have been doing Keto three years with floaters (tmi) sorry and I refused oxbile. So it has been since 9-11-21 since I started sunrise and sun therapy and I am happy to report for the last three days no floaters all sinkers😂. My fat is finally digesting. Thank you so much for this information. I will continue to keep you posted on my weight loss with light therapy so far so good! Thanks again❤️

  2. Didn’t get to ask. But I noticed your oura ring. Getting ready to finally order one!!! But made wonder if it falls along side wearing earbuds? Or anything Bluetooth?? Appreciate input!!

  3. Great video Sarah! Can’t wait to apply this. I’ve been doing sun protocol since first of August. Just started paying attention to WiFi. How long was it before you started noticing changes? Looking forward to more info!

  4. My vitamin D was 160 at last check a month ago. I was outside a lot before mosquitoes hit really bad. Had a nice tan. Did not burn one bit in spring (we're in Wisconsin so I start out very white) probably because of carnivore diet. I used supplements. Now I'm going to try to keep it up with morning/evening sun and less supplement. Might be hard when it's 40 below and snowing. I had much more energy when I got D levels up over 80. I think it was only thing that gave me energy when thyroid was in the tank. Have not lost weight with higher vitamin D but believe that's more about thyroid. Don't fear higher levels of D.

  5. Love my red light! I’ve been doing the joov for a few years now. I do 10-30 minutes a day in the morning. Love my sperti and I’m pretty sure it is what has helped improve my sleep recently. Carnivore yogi has good advice for starting off slow. I started with like 2-2.5 minutes and stayed at 3 minutes for weeks before working myself up to the 5 minutes I’m at now. It’s powerful! I don’t do fish, only beef. I eat enough protein and plenty of fat through the form of suet and bone marrow. I do eat liver occasionally but not super often because I think it bothers my digestion somehow. I don’t feel like I have any deficiencies despite not having fish. I feel optimal. Good talk Sarah ❤️👍

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