Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Genetics 2

The insertion of genetically altered or normal genes into cells using recombinant DNA technology, to replace the defective genes that cause genetic disorders.
Condition resulting from a change in a gene or the number of chromosomes.
Modern techniques or processes used to artificially alter the genetic information in the chromosome of an organism. The process involves the following:
1. isolation of gene
2. cutting (restriction)
3. transformation (ligation), introduction of base sequence changes
4. expression.
The DNA from individuals is analysed and a DNA profile is made. This is similar to a bar code. A DNA profile is unique for each individual. Profiles can then be compared for identification purposes.
New combinations of genes (genotypes) that have arisen in offspring as a result of gene mutation, chromosome mutations or the use of recombinant DNA technology.
The study of the structure and function of genes; the mechanisms of inheritance and variation; and the transmission of traits or characteristics from one generation of plants or animals to another.


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