Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Cellular Pathology – Part-I : Introduction | Pathology and Microbiology Classes Of NIH

This lecturer class explains about basic understanding of normal cell physiology and summary of Cellular Pathology & its Characteristic points.
Dr. Kumaravel. V Ph D (Scholar)
NABH Assessor,
Faculty & HOD
Dept. Pathology and Microbiology
National Institute Of Homoeopathy
(Govt India) Kolkata.

Welcome to YouTube channel of Pathology and Microbiology classes of NIH.

This channel will be helping you to gain the basic knowledge of subjects in easy comprehensive way with mnemonics etc.

The entire syllabus will be covered which helps for BHMS &MD(Homoeopathy) examination, PG NEET (Homoeopathy) etc.
This channel also promotes the cognitive domain of viewer for scientific research oriented understanding of Homoeopathy.



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