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Mitochondrial Health

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Abstract invention
The SERUS Health Card IS a magnetic-quantum device for regulating the state of the body, is a unique invention of SERUS group of Russian scientists, based on the achievements of high-tech physics.
The work of the Health Card is based on the phenomenon of magic spin resonance, which occurs under the influence of nuclear radiation in the hydrogen atoms present in living beings.
This leads to the accumulation of energy in the cells, forcing and laziness. Thus, the healing process starts. The essence of the treatment effect is reduced to the return of the ability of the affected to cellar with additional energy, which leads to their restoration and activation of the processes of cellular metabolism. In Europe, Switzerland and Germany, similar technologies are being developed, which are called “magnetic resonance therapy” MBST therapy

Composition and health-improving components of THE HEALTH CARD
Amber – the Old Russian name “electron” is a natural biostimulant, has unique properties, revives the human biofield, gives him strength, health and energy. Rock crystal – used for ultra-fine cleaning.
When used with biomagnets, it enters into a wave frequency resonance, with a piezoceramic effect, transferring crystalline pho Shungite to the water – people have called it a “miracle stone” for centuries, surprise the mineral, it removes and absorbs everything that harms people, and restores. Shungite consists of 99% carbon
Tourmaline – crystals of tourmaline are used in medicine and radio engineering. The piezoelectric properties of tourmaline are used in the creation of various medical products. Tourmaline is a source of negative ions.
Polygradient multipolar magnets – a unique patented magnetic system, which is created for specific preset properties and controlled fields in combination with crystals and has a high health-improving effect.
• Creates a protective field. Eliminates the impact of pathogenic zones.
• Strengthens natural electromagnetism, synchronizes our life rhythms with the magnetic field of the earth.
• Increases and harmonizes the surrounding human aura. • Protects against external hazardous electromagnetic radiation: (mobile phone, computer, wi-fi, router, TV, microwave oven, 5G radiation).
• Removes a little-known, extremely dangerous disease of the 21st century, electromagnetic allergy. Restores and enhances the vitality of the mitochondria.
• Changes the magnetization of iron in the blood, increases the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen and nutrients to tissues, which improves their saturation of various organs and tissues.

The Health Card is a bioenergy therapist in your pocket. He begins to act immediately, it is enough to put it in your pocket with the inactive side to the body.
In a short time, the The Health Card interacts with your aura to create a powerful wellness complex. In case of illness and the appearance of any painful symptoms, it is enough to apply the The Health Card to the sore spot with the active side, where the optical hologram is located.
After a short time, you will notice how the pain subsides, and with constant use of the The Health Card, the underlying cause of the disease disappears.
Restoration of the human energy field.
A decrease in the level of an external magnetic field is actually a decrease in the human immune system. The basis of the body’s energy balance is mitochondria, which is the only source of human vital energy. Quantum magnetotherapy enhances the vital functions of the mitochondria. Magnetic therapy makes it possible to compensate for the deficiency of a person’s magnetic field and thereby restore his health.
Healing a person with water
Pour 150-200 ml of liquid into a glass and place on the active side of the card (the one with the hologram) for 10-15 minutes. The liquid becomes structured, clustered, atomically light. Crystalline, structured water freely penetrates through the protective membranes of the cell nucleus. The ability of cells to regenerate is restored. The biological age of a person decreases.

The manufacturing technology of the “Health Card” is patented and has absorbed a number of the most advanced technological solutions of the space and defense industry, it is carried out on domestic equipment using Russian-made materials.

is an energy-information SPA device that not only creates light structured water but also forms a powerful biomagnetic field that constantly protects you from any external dangerous and pathogenic influences.
Contraindications: pregnancy, the presence of a pacemaker.


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