Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Introduction Toxicokinetics mechanism of action and basic foundations

Introduction on enzyme toxicokinetics, its mechanism of action and basic foundations.
This review introduces the basics of zero order and first order toxicokinetics. And second it shows how these models are similar to what we see in the compartment models of toxin distribution. The kinetics gives an overview of how what is happening at the enzyme level and governs the cellular levels also may be applied to the entire person in a “compartment” model. We mostly explore the one and two compartment model. And discuss what Volume of Distribution might mean and how to interpret that.

Since I am doing a screen capture of my class lecture it also captured the video I show during my lecture which I am attributing below. And I would like to attribute them.

The First is:

Channel Areo Saffarzadeh and entitled “First Order & Zero Order Elimination – Pharm Lect 9”

The second is: done by the channel JJ Medicine and in entitled “Ethanol Absorption and Metabolism | Alcohol Metabolism Pathway”


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