Sunday, September 25, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria and free radicals damage – 3D video

#Freeradicals produced in oxygen metabolism cause damage to cells, leading to alterations in #metabolism. Therefore, cellular aging is associated with chronic oxidative stress.

In this #3Dvideo, we can see how mitochondria generate the energy our cells need, producing and accumulating free radicals. This accumulation is associated with the deterioration of physiological function. And it is that it has been shown that oxygen-free radicals modify about 10,000 DNA bases per cell every day. #DNA repair enzymes are capable of removing most, but not all, oxidative lesions. These lesions accumulate with age, and most originate in mitochondrial DNA.

3DforScience is a medical animation and scientific video production company for #pharmaceutical, #biotechnology, medical device, and #healthcare marketing campaigns. Our mission is to provide illustrative content and visual aids for the medical, health, and technology-related industries through 3D animations, VR, and audiovisual production to enhance the clients’ health and #marketing communications.

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