Saturday, August 13, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Robyn Benson DOM, Oxidative Therapies and PEMF Extraordinary Technology 2013

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Oxidative therapy is a term that describes a number of different practices in which oxygen, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide are administered to kill disease microorganisms, improve cellular function, and promote damaged tissue healing. For example, exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma. Quite often after 15 minutes of exercising with oxygen, there is a dramatic increase in energy, vision and mental clarity.

Thousands of studies and clinical trials on PEMF concern ailments ranging from arthritis to vision on the different types of magnetic therapies. The proven PEMF applications increase microcirculation and improves flow characteristics of the blood. Cells receive more oxygen and nutrients. The supply of energy and the removal of metabolic waste is improved. Sports fitness following competitive events can be more rapidly restored.

Using PEMF while administering high oxygen concentrations increases our oxygen uptake, giving cells the O2 required to process ATP, which provides you with more energy. Enhanced oxygen uptake is due to the cell charging that occurs during magnetic resonance. Our bodies are bioelectric batteries and as our cells become charged and then repel each other, greater oxygen uptake, cellular communication, and cellular waste removal are induced.

ExtraOrdinary Topics Featured…
Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy
Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown’s Gas
Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation
ElectroMedicine • Magnetic Healing

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