Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Mitochondria Have Antiviral Properties, Where's the Exercise Mandate??

A series of new studies suggest mitochondria have protective immune protective properties that may help ‘keep you safe’ during these challenging times. Curiously, no one seems to be emphasizing exercise or fasting to improve mitochondrial health. Here’s the science…

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

0:00 Intro
00:54 Your mitochondria play an important role in your body’s innate immune system mounting an antiviral immune response.
01:20 Lifestyle interventions impact the health and function of your mitochondria. Mitochondria are powerful in preventing several diseases, including infectious disease. These include fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases and even cancer.
02:18 Mitochondria are intracellular organelles. They are responsible for making energy (ATP) for your cells.
03:40 If you have poor mitochondrial health, your cells do not have sufficient energy, and you may have insulin resistance, fatigue, or brain fog. It may mean that you will not release sufficient antiviral peptides when you are exposed to a pathogen.
05:00 Physical activity is protective against death, hospitalization, and severe disease.
05:24 Mitochondria are important for liver health, brain health and metabolic health.
06:55 Beneficial affects of regular physical activity on immune function are at least partly mediated by mitochondrial fitness. Low mitochondrial fitness and low cardiorespiratory fitness may be important risk factors for C*19
07:30 Poor mitochondrial health may be a link between established risk factors like age, underlying health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic disease.
07:43 Physical activity or targeted pharmacological intervention that increase mitochondrial capacities likely increase mitochondrial function and may enhance innate immunity. Taking berberine or metformin prior to exposure has been shown to reduce risk for severe outcomes in COVID. Metformin is more protective in women than in men.
09:11 Individuals with poor cardiorespiratory fitness have increased risk for severe disease, hospitalization, requirement for being on a ventilator and death.
09:42 Low physical activity is linked with contracting COVID 19 and poor outcomes.
10:25 Mitochondria are critically involved in antiviral host responses.


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32 thoughts on “Mitochondria Have Antiviral Properties, Where's the Exercise Mandate??
  1. The people worried about the unvaccinated are the ones gulping soda, eating garbage and not exercising. They are also drinking too much kool-aid…can't forget the kool-aid!😉

  2. I think history will show that this plandemic was never about human health, I think history will show that it was about greed, corruption, depopulation and control. And I think many people many people already see that.

  3. I wish govt ‘ health officials ‘ would do proper research, I’m going to be forced into having the jab in order to keep my job, it’s upsetting beyond belief but they’ve cornered me…I’m in NZ by the way

  4. the 33 states in Uttar Pradesh that did vs the 27 that didn't look into that doc as well as areas like Singapore and Israel whose new case and death rates are skyrocketing despite the fact 80-90% of them are jabbed, had a complete blood count or platelet count since the jab? you should…good luck, maybe try the 'horse paste' next time

  5. Exercise is bad for business because it lowers the demand for commercial drugs. Pharma "needs" you to be sick in order to increase marketshare.

    You are the commodity and your value increases when you become ill.

  6. Since the pandemic my husband and I have been walking long distances just to stay outdoors but not around people. We have found some beautiful trails right here in NYC, as a side effect I have lost 29 lbs! Dieting on and off my whole life and this just came off on it's own. Thank you for trying to get the message out 🙂

  7. This argument is about as dumb as vaccine mandates. Do you think that going out for a jog, right now, is going to be a valuable preventative during an active pandemic? People should exercise and be healthy, that's true, but you don't go from being unhealthy to healthy in a time frame that's going to provide a protective benefit like a vaccine.

  8. Of the three linked articles, the first link is wrong. One of the papers came out months ago. The other two came out a year ago. Curious that HIH ignored them for so long.

  9. One thing that needs to go with increased exercise is increased sleep. A lot of people are sacrificing sleep in order to do more work, or they stay up late and have bad sleep habits. We have electric lights and 24 hour a day entertainment available to keep us up to all hours of the night. There's no way we can have the energy we need to be dedicated to exercise unless we also address our poor sleep habits and get some shut-eye! I know this isn't everyone's problem, but for a lot of us it is, especially parents of young children! We need to get enough rest to have energy to move.

  10. This is interesting af, I'm a competitive strength athlete and have been so for a few years. Outside of that, I've been heavily into exercise since my early teenage years. I just don't get sick every often at all, but when I do, it's usually pretty bad. The last time I can remember getting the flu and being down pretty bad with it was my junior year of high school, over 10 years ago. I'm a firefighter/EMT and constantly come in contact with patients who have the coronavirus, and sometimes I get exposed because patients can be assholes and cough or sneeze in your face. I've yet to get sick since this pandemic began.

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