Saturday, October 1, 2022
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What's the Prognosis for Long Covid? | Live Q&A with Dr Tamsin Lewis and Dr Andrew Greenland

In such a fast moving landscape, in terms of our knowledge around treatment, management and physiology of Long Covid, it helps to share as much of the latest medical thinking as possible. So I’m very happy to share this Q&A with Dr Tamsin Lewis – (MD & Long Hauler) and Dr Andrew Greenland (NHS A&E Consultant and Functional Medicine specialist) discussing a wide range of patients’ questions on Long Covid, and the role that supplements can play in aiding recovery and managing symptoms.

And – a huge apology to Dr Svetlana Blitshteyn for temporarily misplacing her surname during the discussion, I blame the Long Covid brain fog!


0:00 Respiratory issues & Steroid Pumps
8:17 Ivermectin
13:00 Lingering heart issues prognosis
20:06 Is LC auto-immune?
27:39 Muscle aches and pains
31:12 Vaccination and Long Covid
37:50 Prognosis from LC dysautonomia
44:15 When will Long Covid symptoms resolve?
46:15 Gez’s thoughts on prognosis


For more information on Wellgevity:

Wellgevity launched a long covid arena to support people suffering from Long Covid to help signpost to diagnostics, treatments, protocols and expertise that many struggle to find.


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44 thoughts on “What's the Prognosis for Long Covid? | Live Q&A with Dr Tamsin Lewis and Dr Andrew Greenland
  1. natural immunity is BETTER than any vaccine….what is wrong with you people?? You have a durable and robust immunity…you DO NOT NEED A BLOODY VACCINE!! This is total nonsense…

  2. I am interested in your thoughts on fasting – Tom Bunker’s protocol. I have been increasing my fasting hours slowly, I am up to 15-16 a day. Not sure if it is helping or if it is time which causing the improvement.

  3. regarding antihistamines, they oddly stuff so many fillers and stuff into the pills that are well known to cause issues for some people. You'd think that anti-histamine pills would be hypoallergenic!

  4. Concerned upon hearing one of your contributors had a return of L/C symptoms after 2nd jab. I too experienced this after recovering from effect of 1st jab where L/C symptoms appeared and were settling down had 2nd Jab in may 21 and returned with a vengeance, only now beginning to see some improvement. Very wary about having the 3 booster not sure what to do.

  5. A very interesting and informative presentation with lots of things to think about. Although initial symptoms were mild 19 months ago my lungs are slowly getting worse over time. I’ve now been taking corticosteroids since may (I would love to be on a 5mg dose, have been between 30-4.5mg) but always crash on lower doses. Am currently on 8.5mg and slowly tapering. Recent blood test showed very low cortisol levels so off to see an endocrinologist soon. Symptoms do improve over time in my experience but I’m still not at a point where I could work reliably day to day. It sound macabre but good to know I’m not the only one In this boat still 19 months in. Thank you for spending time and your valuable and limited energy on this subject still!

  6. Great video Gez. You can tell Dr Tamzin is currently in Spain she is glowing with health. Us poor brits look like something from the Walking Dead during the winter months

  7. Thank you so so much. Your videos are so helpful. Please keep on looking for answers, you are closer than any doctor I have met. And I have seen over 20 different doctors in god knows how many visits since this shit started.

  8. if you get any coronavirus symptoms ,you must act fast ,donot allow the viral load to increase take 2 x 1000mg caps liposomal vit c every hour until all the symptoms are gone ,if your vit a and vit d level is over 50 the symptoms will be mild if any at all ,doa blood test and check the vit a and vit d levels if they are below 50 you need to raise them if you cant raise the vit a and vit d levels over 50 its because you have low glutathione levels for this take with food 600mg caps n acetyl cysteine and 200mcg selenium/15mg zinc that will safely raise the critical glutathione which will raise the atp levels which will raise the a and d vit levels and all the other levels too ,its ridiculous that so many are sick with long covid, all you had to take was 2 x 1000mg caps liposomal vit c every hour until all the symptoms are gone,over 70 percent of the double vaccinated have high levels in the d dimer test that means the body is making micro blood clots it is only a matter of time until they die,long covid is safely ended in less than 12 hours with a drink of the miracle mineral solution it ends all the pain and misery of long covid in hours ,it clears the dead viral debris out of the system fast ,that stops all the nasty symptoms,the miracle mineral solution saved my brothers life and it will save yours too,if you have had vaccines you are basically fucked,its the micro blood clots,the vaccines are for de population and you thought it was all a conspiracy theory yeah yeah people are dying all over the world from blood clots ,if you dont believe me do a d dimer test the amximum level is about 500 the d dimer test is recording levels in the thousands from the double vaccinated they will die in time

  9. GABA ( gamma amino butyric acid) , an amino acid and neurotransmitter that is highly anti – inflammatory and acts as an anti – anxioltic could well be helpful to LC sufferers. It has a good safety profile and well tolerated. I contacted Professor Prudhomme at Toronto University asking if it would possibly help in LC ( he was investigating it's anti-inflammatory activity in type 2 diabetis cell lines, and he said :"give it a go, although I'm using much higher concentrations in cell lines but seeing positive results.") l use it for IBS and have EDS /joint hypermobility and find it helps this condition, as well as sleep and well being in a high- stress job.
    Not had LC but hope this is helpful to some out there. Inexpensive, available in 750mg capsules or powder.
    Thanks for a very informative and great video, once again Gez. You're by far the best presenter out of these 3 stooges !😄

  10. Thanks Gez, Dr Tam and Andrew for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences. I am part of the phase 2 long haul wave (Dec 2020) and honestly feel the insights you have shared over this past year have helped accelerate my recovery journey. There is still a long way to go but looking back from where we started there is definitely some improvement! And I am more hopeful after this vid. 🙂

  11. Hey Gez – been a long time. I’m not going to jinx it by saying I’m “recovered,” but I will say I’m now living a very full life! I know stories of improvement provide people with hope, so I wanted to comment here with an update on my progress. All the best to everyone out there wherever you are in your journey. Won’t be spending time here from now on to give myself a break from medical material but thanks so much for what you’ve been doing for people over the last 18 months. Keep fighting everyone!

  12. Such a well balanced discussion Gez, really an accomplishment these days. Thank you so much all of you for the guidance and concern and validation.

  13. Mast cell activation syndrome and long covid are synonymous. You can get it from both the vaccine and covid. Tell patients to check for hematocrit and basophil levels. If basophil is below .5 and hematocrit is elevated, check tryptase. If tryptase is elevated. Treat the patient for mast cell dysregulation. Once mast cells are stabilized the patient will need to be aware of histamine triggers for the next years until mitochondrial function and mast cell function returns. As a patient with LC induced by covid or any of the three vaccines, take electrolytes magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. Take 5 htp 100mg once daily or 200mg once every 2 days to get your brain fog under control. Discontinue use of 5 htp after 10 days. The patient will experience exercise intolerance due to histamine release and so you can negate the effect by taking claritin pre exercise. When the patient is healthy enough to exercise with intensity, They should introduce high intensity interval training to increase intracellular mitochondria and VO2 max. I wish every single one of you the very best and I hope this message doesn't get "lost" again. P.S: biomed engineer, not a physician.


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    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾W#再編ありがとうです#いたもん#笑)在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那sfdsd些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品`.

  15. This is fascinating to listen to. I have had ME/CFS for 20 years and no one has made more sense to me than this conversation. I wish i knew this 2 decades ago but i suppose I've come to some conclusion myself to what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed given antidepressants and left alone. I am still taking the anti depressants after 20 years not one DR has asked about it. Anyway living in Spain is something my hubby and i are working towards as each time i go i feel like a different person. Swimming i do every week if i'm well enough ( not Much) but getting in the water is therapeutic to me, i have also discovered an infrared wall at my club which i love. So these things i have turned to without knowing why! I have had to drop off the world to feel better. My alcohol tolerance is non existent my heart rate goes through the roof and i vomit. I cant stand in ques for long. the trauma part was also fascinating to me as i had a motorcycle crash when i was 18 and my boyfriend riding the bike was killed. I have never talked about it or had and counselling. I also witnessed my father get a brain injury and become disabled from falling downstairs, that was when i was 19. I also suffered terrible asthma and hayfever as a child always in hospital and shingles at 15. I recently got polyps due to inflammation in my body my ESR was 74. I was given steroids and felt so much better. My private DR now will not give me more unless i get the vaccine and i refuse as i know i will be severely unwell??
    How can he do this?
    Also how are you getting to try all these drugs? no one will give me anything. No antivirals, no LDN. i was told i would end up like Michael Jackson!! MY GP said LDN they cant prescribe, its not something they do. my private dr (Rheumatologist)said i would have to pay privately for the drug but he was reluctant, so the next time i asked for them he refused. NO one will help me at all!!!!!!!!!!! Why??????????????? How are you getting these drugs to try. I am now being blackmailed into getting no drugs unless i get the vaccine and the steroids are a game changer for me?????????????????????

  16. Thanks for a most interesting and informative discussion, Gez, Tamsin and David. I got reassured at many levels- I would like to know a bit more about your experience in brain fog and loss of concentration. I also have developed a very low tolerance for things like aggressive people, violence etc that before would have not, make me upset now. Would you think this is any common? Thanks very much. I had my infection in March 2020, and I am much better now, but still struggling sometimes with brain fog. Thanks for any comments in advance! And best wishes to all here

  17. My goodness, this is absolutely packed with so much information, it's really hard to keep up. So wonderful you three have access to all these different options to try out and see what helps. Tamsin, throwing everything at it is the way to go, if only everyone with LC had this option. Tamsin mentioned at the end sending out an email with links and I was wondering how to get on the mailing list. I couldn't keep up with everything, even though I have listened three times!

  18. As a long term ME sufferer (including PEM and OI but not POTS, I have tried quite a few (but not all) of these approaches at one time or another. My observation is that unless you pace properly, the other things you try have little chance of leading to recovery or sustained improvement. If you symptoms keep being re-triggered, you are just repeatedly putting yourself back and risk entering a downward spiral where symptoms are triggered by less and less exertion. Because I had caring responsibilities and tried to return to work too early causing deterioration, I constantly lived on the edge of my energy so the things I have tried have helped me manage but not recover. I'm very interested in the red lamp therapy which I guess is very expensive and I'm going to dig out my infra red blanket.

    I love the openness and honesty of your discussion and willingness to share. I was interested in your comment Jez about post-viral fatigue being different to LC in your case, because you didn't experience PEM previously. In my case, I had PEM right from the start of my post-viral illness. In the as yet unpublished NICE guidelines on ME/CFS, PEM is required in the diagnostic criteria. Thank you all three so much for these very helpful sessions 💗

  19. Ivermectin, flush Niacin, NAC, Krill oil, Vit D(sunlight or supplements on cloudy days) and zinc/vitamin C lozenges. I have always been extremely low carb eating Mediterranean style diet for the last 5+ years. That has been my recovery and my long haul symptoms were really bad for nearly 2 months before I needed to take action. I also incorporated Yoga and red light/NIR. I had to stop lifting weights and doing anything that involved endurance training because my body would not recover but now I am 100% back to normal and thankful for dr's that are trying to discover the truth.

  20. This is what's been helping me last few days. And my experiments with keto over the last few years. I'm sorry I'm not a good communicator. I hope it helps

    . upon waking up in morning and before bed i do heartfelt gratitude for at least five things.
    . Then i forgive as much as you can anybody.
    . I realised when I listen to happy music it makes me feel good and motivated, makes me move,fires me up……Type in YouTube happy music and listen to the music in bed after gratitude and forgiveness rituals.slowly move your body and dance to it, even if it means sitting in bed and shaking your arms and legs to the music.

    . Start "a very low carb diet* and gradually over a period of 3 weeks transition into a keto diet.
    . Along with the keto diet "introduce intermittent fasting* , first week fast between *7pm until 11am*. (16 hours) and the 2nd week 6pm until 11am (17 hours)…….. try doing atleast 17 hours fasts everyday. "Research intermittent fasting and the keto diet *

    I also take organic msm powder mixed with vitamin C Powder mixed in warm not hot water.

    I'm sorry I'm not a good communicator but I've decided to fight back and regain my health .

    God bless and stay positive joyful and grateful. We live is strange storage time's.

  21. Is there any evidence coming through about what might help prevent long covid taking hold? Family members currently have an active covid infection and we have family history of ME and long covid. Are there any known dangers to taking a long covid supplement protocol as a preventative approach?


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  23. Interested to know what others can tolerate in terms of exercise . I have relapsed for a few weeks after attempting to walk every other day for about an hour ..I felt great whilst walking but now two weeks on I'm still struggling with terrible muscle aches and heavy fatigue .

  24. Excellent talk, thanks again Gez. I thought I was pretty updated on the whole thing but you guys gave me various new insights. It seems like the most important part is to modulate the nervous system (and gut health which is accounts for 75-80% of immune system regulation), which takes time and is multifaceted (unfortunately there's no magic pill). And deal with LC and other PTSD to decrease our perceived sense of (unconscious) danger all the time and make sure we're mostly in a rest&digest state. I've already come to terms with the fact that I may have some leftover symptoms for the rest of my life, but I have also improved greatly and will do what it takes to get better. Time and patience!

  25. You are all great. I have Long Covid; caught the virus in March 2020. I agree about the mental/emotional element. I noticed that I would feel worse when I had any kind of emotional interchange of a negative nature. Unfinished emotional issues. I had abuse growing up. I have processed it most of my adult life, but continue to see this as a gift to learn to love myself much more. I like the route Mother Nature offers. My inner voice tells me the direction is to reach balance by attaining better OVERALL health. I know it's the right way to go. I got worse after the second jab, as well. It is quite powerful, I think my immune system was pretty upset about it. LOL!! I am much better now.

  26. I have everyday symptoms, my joints hurt ,shooting muscle pain, smell ,taste come and go, sleep issues. Severe flare days I stay in bed,2,3,4,days .Any body else have the same issues ?

  27. (For some) once infected, it never ends…

    I was Infected in March 2020 and since then I have had 2 Positive PCR tests and 2 positive antibody tests.
    I am sure if I was tested on PCR every 90 days it will still show me as positive! Saying that I have strangely never tested positive once on lateral flow tests.

    I had Both AZ injections during 2021,
    along with over a dozen interactions with Paramedics and the hospital during 16 months worth of symptoms and health issues since last year.

    Recently I had yet another Positive PCR test
    (Oct 2021) and I am now convinced at this point that the Virus is just constantly mutating within me and will be with me indefinitely.

  28. For vagus nerve stimulation a relatively cheap TENS machine with the earlobe attachment does the job.

    Gut issues are quite quickly resolved with small doses of Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis. The gut flushes this every four days so it can be used sparingly. Also avoid eating anything beyond 6pm or even earlier to reduce those nights of gut discomfort.

    I'm 17 months in and most of not all of my physical symptoms have improved quite a lot. The brain fog and effort-induced fatigue still persists, moreso with mental effort than physical. Conversation remains a big challenge as there is a high cognitive cost when 'chatting' to people. This makes me a bit reclusive, which sucks, but the rest seems to help so hopefully I'll be able to socialise again before too long.

    The quality of rest is something I am still learning to really understand and focus on, but rest seems to mean quite literally doing nothing for large chunks of time….

    Thanks guys for all the data in this lengthy episode. Hope you weren't too exhausted afterwards!

    Oh and for sleep issues, melatonin, 5htp, ashwagandha and magnesium seem to help me

  29. Hi Gez!! LOVE Your Videos – Here's My Story… I've had COVID 2X – 1st Dec 2019 SEVERE!! – 2nd Time Sep 2020 Taste/Smell. After I recognized I had long-COVID I went on an EXTREME exercise, nutrition and fasting regime until I could get the vaccine. My 2 week water-only fast helped with the long-COVID fatigue just a bit but it wasn't dramatic relief.

    I was slowly getting better until my Moderna shot and the water-fast slightly sped up relief of the extreme fatigue. The SHOCK was how much my step performance (elliptical) improved even over my pre-COVID baseline. I guessing it was the year of perfect exercise/nutrition THEN getting the vaccine killed any lasting fatigue (even though I felt about 98% to myself right before the shot).

    After my 2nd COVID infection I also experience smelling BURNING all the time as my smell returned which took about 6-8 months. I was wearing my step tracker the entire time and NEVER looked at it until a couple weeks ago as I was preparing for a post vaccine checkup and compiling info for my Doc.

    "Called Office" is when I called my Doc to setup an appointment. I was wondering why I was waking up still SLEEPY! At the time nobody had heard of long-COVID. A couple months later I realized I had it and went to WORK!! By the time I got the shot I was feeling 'almost' normal (good days were good and bad days I could feel slight fatigue). It was pretty low-level and about a week after the 1st Moderna shot I suspected I was 'cured'. By the 2nd week I KNEW I was cured. Been GUCCI ever since…

    Working out pretty hard and breaking down/building muscle (and eating healthy and avoiding processed foods/sugar) was the far more effective treatment.

  30. My GP today has said I meet all the criteria for ME/ CFS having got covid in January 2021 .
    Has anyone else been diagnosed with this whilst dealing with long covid ?..

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