Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

The Great Carbs vs. Fat Debate | Dr. Jaime Seeman & Kate Deering

The question is how to fuel yourself after a baseline of animal-based nutrition

They both agree on a healthy foundation of animal foods, avoiding seed oils and omega 6, embracing saturated fat, minimizing processed foods, etc.

But is it better to fill in the rest of your diet with whole food carbs or fats?

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22 thoughts on “The Great Carbs vs. Fat Debate | Dr. Jaime Seeman & Kate Deering
  1. My CGM data shows a strong correlation between Blood Glucose level and body temperature. Taking a shower raises my BG. So with that in mind, I struggle to believe that a higher body temperature is automatically a good thing. That said, there may be a category of people who are chronically at a low body temp / low energy level so the minimum dose of ketosis is all they should consider. But, the research is showing that some regular dose of ketosis, minimum or greater, is essential for long term brain health.

  2. In reference to the longevity animal study, was the metabolism too high to the point that the animals could not keep up with the calories required to sustain its energy requirements? There was a rabbit study where they gave 1 percent desiccated thyroid and it did decrease longevity as a result of the rabbits inability to consume enough calories.

  3. Great discussion, I'm post menopausal and hypothyroid, I do eat low carbs. My understanding is that certain numbers like T3 and T4 (reverse T3) are very interdependent with the total metabolism and how efficient the entire system is…. so some low numbers are not necessarily bad…. also, many women are on thyroid replacement meds. This means their numbers will not be calculated the same way, especially TSH…. not reliable to base dose of replacement hormones on the TSH…. find a doctor that understands this… many don't

  4. Did they still have there teeth after six years? And are we to believe that they it could actually be known whether they actually continued with eating that way? Nonsense…. People need to stop religiousizing science. They worship the tool and forget the intentions and purpose of it's use. Imagine that, that rice study is bullshit, like most studies. To "study" is our modern version of going into the Tabernacle to meditate. I can study a bug on a sidewalk with more rigor and understanding. Recreate that study. I bet it can't be done. I bet they will loose bone mass and become skinny fat. And I bet they were trying to confirm a bias and didn't look at those parameters, when they did that study. There teeth will not stay in there mouths. But some cuck will come in here to "set" me straight, pointing to there studies like the ancients pointed to the gospel.

  5. What stresses me out is knowing I have to go back to eating every 2 to 3 hours a day…the answer isn’t we have stress so eat more but to decrease stress & eat healthy foods that keep you satiated longer…I do like hearing both sides

  6. @37:30 i call bullshit. How long were these people “keto” or “carnivore”? They’re probably just still insulin resistant and havent been in a fat burning mode long enough to get the sensitivity back.

  7. Honestly…..after trying multiple diets and playing around with my food….as simple as it sounds the best diet out there is the one that fits you individually best. Obviously there’s some basic human foundational rules we have to live by (like eating adequate quality protein). What if a study came out today and it was the definitive study on nutrition and gave us the exact rules we need? I’m sure there would be still some folk who disagree. This over thinking of diet and reciting conflicting studies causes more stress than most food ever will. Eat a proper diet that works for you with whole foods.

  8. Sorry Kate. Your diet does not make sense. And that you just have patients go by how they feel. Eating every couple hours, they're high on sugar! Jamie, you rock! I would love to know the age of these two women. Kate is in practice 30 years and Jamie said she is 20 years but Kate looks double Jamie's age. Thanks Brian! Love this interview!

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