Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

3 Novel Gut Health Secrets For Superhuman Energy with Steve Wright


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In this podcast, I am speaking with Steve Wright, who is a medical engineer, Kalish Functional Institute graduate, and gut health specialist. We will talk about three novel gut health secrets for superhuman energy levels.

In this podcast, Steve and I discuss:

Why the gut is at the core of energy
The most common symptoms of low stomach acid
How to test for low stomach acid
How digestive enzymes play into gut health (and how to find the best enzyme for you)
The role of Short Chain Fatty Acids

Show Notes:
The gut’s role in energy levels (07:07)
The most common underlying factors of gut issues (11:38)
The role of the small intestine in energy levels (20:45)
How to find out if you have gut issues (24:14)
How the colon affects your energy levels (41:10)


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