Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health


HOPE U ENJOY MR GRIMM :)) (the content ends around 13-14 minutes, the rest is blooper time) SORRY FOR THE QUALITY IDK WHY IT’S SO BAD!

00:05 Opening Scene and “What is the Mitchondria?”
00:37 Cell Resp Equation
(It got cut off, but the end was supposed to say energy in the form of ATP and heat)
01:03 Commercial Break
01:25 Meal and “What are Carbs?”
01:47 Cell That Uses ATP
02:06 “How Does O2 Get from the Air to our Cells?”
(Got cut off, the end says “Oxygen is important for cell resp, but, we’ll get to that later.”)
02:21 Rap on Eukaryotic Organisms
(Near the end, the line goes “It controls the pH and salinity, what a vibe”)
03:50 Cellular Environment
04:20 Where Processes Occur
04:49 Glycolysis
(Got cut off, the end of it says “making it an anaerobic process.” | Net gains: 2 pyruvates)
05:59 Pyruvate Entry
06:48 Krebs Cycle
07:57 ETC
09:34 ATP Synthesis
11:59 Demonstration of ATP Use
12:15 Fermentation
13:52 Bloopers


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