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Optimising gametes Ova and Sperm in IVF/ICSI |Dr. Sunil Jindal

Masterclass for Medical Professionals and Doctors by Dr. Jatin Shah & Dr. Sunil Jindal
Can I have better results in IVF and ask you a question which is always asked. The trick is optimizing the ova and the sperm to get better embryos.
In this master class Dr. Jatin and Dr. Sunil Jindal are unraveling the secrets between getting the best egg and the best sperm for an IVF and ICSI .

We are sure it will be very useful for your practices and please do not miss going through the whole video because even a single tip or trick may lead to better results

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Dr. Sunil Jindal Reproductive specialist
(Endoscopic / Microsurgery / IVF / ICSI)
Surgeon, Andrologist, IVF sp by training,
Orator, Author, teacher by passion
Over 6000 babies born by ART

Dr. Anshu Jindal
High Risk Obstetrician & Gynaecologist,
Infertility Specialist,
Over 6000 babies born by ART
Medical Director Jindal Hospital & Dr. Madhu Jindal Memorial Test Tube Baby Centre, Meerut

There’s nothing I love more than giving children to infertile couples
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Appointment – 9897900920,
WhatsApp – 8006666085, 8006666004
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We bring to you this video from the state of the art fertility centre for men and women,Jindal hospital and test tube baby centre.This video is for patient and doctor education so that you are wiser in pursuing your dream and goal of having a baby for yourself or your patients.All the best-You are a champion!
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