Saturday, October 1, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Cellular Energy and Its Link to Common Health Conditions

Everything You Need to Know About Cellular Energy and its Link to Common Health Conditions #roachchiropractic #health #wellness

02:08 – What is Cellular Energy and why is it so important? 
09:14 – Hormonal dysfunction, fatigue and cellular energy
13:00 – Cellular energy and the importance of healthy muscle mass
17:23 – What can be done to Improve cellular energy and mitochondrial function? 
25:14 – How do you measure mitochondrial function?
30:38 – Injection therapies for mitochondrial dysfunction
34:34 – Healthy and want to stay that way? Seek the help of a naturopath!
41:49 – Viruses, infections and Cellular Energy 
50:19 – The top tips to boost immune function with Naturopath Dr. Bryan Rade!

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