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RESVERATROL🍇🍇🍫-Natural Polyphenol

RESVERATROL🍇🍇🍫-Natural Polyphenol

Food source: Red grapes, blueberries, cranberries, dark chocolate

Plants produce resveratrol to fight fungal infections, combat stress and injury.
Activates SIRT1—-Longevity gene

**Antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, cardioprotective
**Induce glutathione synthesis and protects epithelial cells of the lungs
**Modulates inflammation
**Helpful for lung fibrosis
**Protects lung epithelial barrier
**Upregulates SIRT1 which helps protect against oxidative stress, regulates glucose and lipid metabolism, promotes DNA stability.
**Maintains glutathione
**Inhibits apoptosis
**Preserves mitochondria
**Significantly inhibits MERS-CoV

250 mg to 2500 mg mixed with high quality fats

Toxicol Sci. 2006 Jul;92(1):71 77.
Toxicol Lett. 2007 Sep 28;173(3):175 180.

Dr. Jin Sung specializes in the management of complex chronic conditions in Massachusetts, 30 minutes north of Boston. He utilizes natural and alternative therapies to help manage complex cases such as Hashimoto’s, autoimmune conditions, IBS, SIBO, chronic fatigue, brain fog, early Alzheimer’s etc.

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23 thoughts on “RESVERATROL🍇🍇🍫-Natural Polyphenol
  1. Resveratrol is an amazing substance., BUT, it's oral bioavailability is horrendous, CYP450 crushes it, unfortunately This needs to be an intramuscular injection.

    Also on your board, it says "inhibits apoptosis ". This can be great or very bad depending on the situation

  2. Another fantastic video! Thank you!

    I take many supplements but have started to worry about potential downsides of taking them all at the same time. I need to find a good resource to learn if and how best to space them out throughout the day.

  3. @Dr. Jin W. Sung  Hi, I'm concerned about coupling this with things like NAC or Quercetin. Will you do a video on best times to take these, or space these? Sounds like coupled, they may be best taken with food.
    Last time I took NAC I felt a little lightheaded for a few hours. Also how much glutathione is enough or too much?
    I'm going through menopause and recently began taking bioidentical hormones. One of the supplements in the insertable pellets evidently has glutathione. When I took NAC I got an intense female "cleansing" that caused symptoms of PMS and cramping. I have 3 small uterine fibroids and wonder how positively, or perhaps negatively, these can affect female health. Do you have any thoughts that may help shed some light? Thanks

  4. I started taking this again after twenty years( I took it for about 10 in a row, then quit) . It helps with my circulation ( legs ) and my skin ( now that I'm 56). I take two a day. I used to take 3 a day way back. Not sure if I need that or not. What's the bioavailability? I'm also taking turmeric, pine bark, and cod liver oil with it

  5. The young shoots of Japanese knotweed are full of resveratrol. The bees love the flowers. The more I learn about the benefits of weeds, I wonder why the most beneficial are always considered the most invasive and almost outlawed. It is very refreshing to see doctors promoting health by supplements and diet rather than a bottle of pills or surgical procedure. Thank you.

  6. Doctor can you please do a video on cordyceps supplementation and its health benifits particularly on kidney disease, seeing lot of positive reviews on internet………

  7. According to Dr. David Sinclair, if resveratrol pills are not white (i.e. brownish), they're not effective. Do you agree, and if so are the resveratrol supplements you sell on your online store white? I'm grateful for your channel!

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