Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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CYCLISTS: POLARIZED TRAINING? NO !!! Prof. Bishop Demolished.


CYCLISTS: POLARIZED TRAINING? NO !!! Prof. Bishop Demolished.

Here I critique Prof David Bishop on a presentation he gave at Loughborough University (UK) in 2019. David purports to be showing data in support of polarized training.

He is sadly in error.

#Lactate, #LacticAcid, #LactateThreshold, #Cycling, #CylingTraining, #ExercisePhysiology, #ProfDavidBishop, #LoughboroughUniversity.

This is a full critique, it is 2Hr in length. I opted to moderate my style and not throw any ad homs or bad language, as an experiment to confirm that these elements seem to be required to garner any attention


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12 thoughts on “CYCLISTS: POLARIZED TRAINING? NO !!! Prof. Bishop Demolished.
  1. Hi Bart cant wait for this one πŸ™‚ glad You address exercise as well as diet.
    Is there anybody out there You respect as source of good information on weight training /form etc or would You cover some training tips like that in future videos?

  2. I usually turn off when you start the personal attacks and name calling and say someone is wrong without telling us why straight away, as I don't see this as a "style" of critique, as "style" denotes it's purposeful, which it isn't. It's just very human, but it gets in the way of the information and is unprofessional.

    This video however does have a purposeful "style" and it's very refreshing, professional and easy to listen to the information.

    Do people really tune out during these kinds of videos without the swearing and ad homs? That's pretty fucking tragic.

    I'd like to see more of today's kind of video, but you do what you want or need to do, this is just my opinion.

  3. As an endurance cyclist I also have been waiting for something like this to come up. Thank you very much for this Bart – more BS ideas exposed for what they are.

  4. So some (alleged) scientist, has a chat with a coach ( most of whom know next to zero about real training) the coach tells him lactic acid destroys mitochondria, and his response is…… That's cool.?

  5. πŸ’šπŸœοΈ love your point of the fixation on statistical significance. As an individual I am most interested in clinical significance.

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