Saturday, October 1, 2022
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The Bipolar Diet – Could your diet be causing symptoms of Bipolar to be worse?


Believe it or not, your diet may be contributing to your symptoms of bipolar disorder. What is the best diet for bipolar disorder? Let me start by telling you a story…
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Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is a nationally renown expert on beating anxiety. She has been published by Well + Good, the Arizona Republic, PESI, NDNR, SCNM, The Institute for Natural Medicine, Thrive Global, and Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. She has been quoted in Forbes. Dr. Cain wants to give away 9 Free Resources to help listeners:
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Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is the only Naturopathic Doctor that also has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an expertise in natural and integrative solutions for anxiety, bipolar disorder, women’s libido issues, depression, PTSD, and other conditions.If you are searching for a fundamentally unique method of getting to the root cause of your suffering and working toward transformation, then connecting Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is for you.
Disclaimer: This podcast was created by Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA for educational purposes only. These are the opinions of Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA and should not be taken as the “definitive opinion” or “absolute medical opinion” on any subject. This podcast is not a substitute for medical, psychological, counseling or any other sort of professional care. Consumption of these materials is for your own education and any medical, psychological, or professional care decisions should be made between you and your primary care doctor or another provider that you are engaged with.


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