Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Endocrine Disrupting Plastics: Minimizing Health Impacts and Restoring Well-being

In the modern world, toxicant exposure is ubiquitous, with some studies reporting the average person is exposed to hundreds of environmental chemicals daily via air, water, soil, and food. While these exposures usually occur at a low-level, the bioaccumulation of toxins in the body can be a root cause of several types of dysfunction. On this episode of Pathways to Well-Being, Tom Malterre, MS, CN, clinical educator and cofounder of Whole Life Nutrition, explains the biochemical impacts of endocrine disrupting plastics such as Bisphenols like BPA and microplastics, and shares his insights on how nutrition and lifestyle can support the body’s biotransformation pathways and reduce total toxic burden.


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One thought on “Endocrine Disrupting Plastics: Minimizing Health Impacts and Restoring Well-being
  1. every time i watch you guys its too long winded or too hippy dipy sounding. i know through the transtheoretical model created for smoking sessation that coaching & comunication is imperative, but i literally just want the facts with less sugar coating. down vote.

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