Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Tips For Full Body Detox: What They Don’t Want You to Know | Dr. J9 Live

Tips For Full Body Detox: What They Don’t Want You to Know | Dr. J9 Live

In this episode of the Dr. Janine Show Dr. Janine shares tips for a full body detox and what “They” don’t want you to know. She gives tips for how to detox each organ including something things you may not have heard. She will talk about the liver and kidneys, as well as the blood stream. She will share tips or detoxing the lymphatic system, and removing parasites. Lastly, Dr. Janine will share tips for how to detox for beginners.

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2 thoughts on “Tips For Full Body Detox: What They Don’t Want You to Know | Dr. J9 Live
  1. I’ve used Jin Shin Jyutsu for several decades. Very beneficial for bringing balance of the meridians. The first practice can be done anywhere: hold thumb for three slow breaths. Earth element connection/benefits stomach and spleen. Emotion is worry.
    2) Index finger/kidney and bladder/emotion is fear. Element is water. 3 breaths.
    3) middle finger/liver and gall bladder. Emotion is anger. Element is wood/metal/ether.
    4) ring finger/lung and large intestine. Emotion is grief. Element is air.
    5) little finger/heart and small intestine. Emotion is ‘trying’/not honoring true self. Element is fire.
    6) center of palm/Source-divine fire.

    Three slow breaths for all six points on both hands – the Japanese practice of 36 Breaths, very calming, centering, balancing.
    Holding thumbs helps us fall asleep. Holding little finger during heart attack can save a life. So much good info on Jin Shin in books and on youtube.

    I taught my children long ago to hold thumbs for stomach upset and fingers 2/3/4 for those big emotions. They learned to identify and release them daily, not identify with/as them. I’d ask them if they HAD a sad feeling or “grouchy eyebrows”. They handled emotions brilliantly, as energy that needs to move.
    I’m a new subscriber and enjoying your teaching videos. Thank you. 🙏

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