Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

DO THIS EVERYDAY To Boost Your Immune System & FIGHT VIRUSES! | Mike Mutzel

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On this episode you will learn:
* The role that interferons play in the innate immune system. 
* Free, accessible ways to improve your mitochondrial health. 
* Which disease is an indicator of mitochondrial dysfunction in the liver.
* What mitophagy is.
* The connection between glucose, insulin, and cellular renewal rates. 
* How exercise can contribute to autophagy.
* The three components necessary to activate the process of autophagy. 
* What weight recidivism is, and why it’s particularly for parents to understand.
* How exercise insufficiency is defined.
* The link between exercise, autophagy, and mitophagy. 
* What immunometabolism is. 
* The history and function of the drug metformin. 
* How checking your blood glucose levels can be beneficial. 
* The life cycle of T cells. 
* How exercising can help purge senescent T cells. 
* The difference between chronologic age and biologic age. 
* What inflammaging is. 
* The role that vitamin D plays in cellular health.
* How natural immunity works.
* Behaviors that can make vaccines more effective.
* What pericarditis is, and how to increase circulation. 

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26 thoughts on “DO THIS EVERYDAY To Boost Your Immune System & FIGHT VIRUSES! | Mike Mutzel
  1. I've been a follower of you both for some time. I foiiow your strategies. I have just come thru my covid experience unscathed having just turned 60 years of age.It was all good within 7 days of testing positive. Thankyou both for such valuable advice. Keep up the good work!

  2. Im from Germany and they accept natural immunity for 6 month after infection. But it had to be a positive PCR test from a doctor during infection. After the 6 month they still want you to get vaccinated

  3. Today the CDC started to speak about the 4th booster. Only for immunocompromised people … but we know how it will escalate.

    That's so stupid. At this point they should just recognize it doesn't work and it's just a few month protection lol (protection you could have by boosting your immune system instead)

  4. I can't express how valuable your content is, especially now in a world consumed by fear-based reactionary responses. Thank you for keeping us equipped with education (that, might I add, is science based) to help us make the smartest possible decisions for ourselves and family in these times and beyond. Keep speaking the truth in your level, calm, reassuring voice Shawn.

  5. I told the doctor I don’t want the vaccine. I’m young and healthy and he told me : you don’t do it for you. You do it for others and it kind of made sense to me

  6. This podcasts are my only TV time and I enjoy them like nothing else! I'd rly appreciate if you could link the studies you are talkin about so I can read further and share aswell. Thank you guys, you ARE changing the world! ♥️

  7. Pure GOLD!
    You two together is an absolute blessing.
    These conversations should become a new form of official education.
    One video of you two having a conversation like this is FAR more valuable than MOST college/university courses.
    God bless you both!

  8. Thank you so much for saving my sanity with your comments towards the end. I will probably never see my extended family again because I choose education, nutrition and exercise rather than an injected experimental drug. I will now have keep my distance because if they get ill it will be my fault… Sad times. Love from the UK.

  9. COVID isn't something you want to get, hence the vaccine. If you're depending on your natural immunity, you chance being a long-hauler and having lifetime impacts. Also, the vaccine provides a stronger response to variants, so even if you have been infected, it might help a) reduce spread and b) reduce chance of getting a variant that your natural immunity doesn't provide. I think there are some valid points to making your likelihood of infection less likely, but was disappointed to see the views presented here. Healthy people, friends of mine, likely will have lifelong breathing issues from this, and we have had a couple of deaths in my family. Why would you ever advocate that getting infected is better? You're on the side of science? I don't think so, if you don't even talk about those that are dealing with long term repercussions of infection, and instead mention minor side effects for a miniscule portion of people. 3 BILLION people vaccinated, never more data collected, never more information, and you are making the idiots posting below feel like they made a great choice by being ignorant and refusing to get vaccinated. I loved your show… sorry I can't listen to it after this one. So disappointed.

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