Thursday, December 8, 2022
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KCRS21: Innovative non-immune therapy related therapeutics and monitoring

KCRS21: Innovative non-immune therapy related therapeutics and monitoring

Moderated by Eric Jonasch, MDACC & Moshe Ornstein, Cleveland Clinic

The Investigation of Ferroptosis as a Novel Therapeutic Paradigm for Kidney Cancer
– Mei Yee Koh, Kuda Therapeutics, Inc.

Exploiting Cholesterol Metabolism to Treat Primary and Metastatic Renal Carcinoma
– Marie Simon, University of Pennsylvania

Monitoring Disease Burden and Biology Using Tumor Cell-Free DNA in Metastatic Kidney Cancer
– Scott Haake, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Exploiting Epigenetic Dysregulation to Identify Targetable Vulnerabilities in ccRCC
– Abhishek Chakraborty, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

KidneyCAN is proud to have hosted the 3rd Annual Kidney Cancer Research Summit on October 7–8, 2021. KCRS is a meeting focused on basic science research, translational research, and clinical kidney cancer research. This meeting is fueled by the ideas and research funded through the Department of Defense CDMRP-KCRP awards.

The goal for KCRS is to present the important, innovative research funded by the KCRP. We also aim to connect researchers from around the world to share their work.

Our dynamic, interactive summit focused on the latest basic science, translational, and clinical research in kidney cancer.

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KidneyCAN works to accelerate cures for kidney cancer by providing patient support and education, encouraging enrollment in clinical trials, advocating for research funding from Congress, and sponsoring collaborative efforts between researchers and medical communities.

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