Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Revero Carnivore Community Meeting with Dr Annette Bosworth

Dr. Annette Bosworth, also known as Dr. Boz, is an Internal Medicine physician with over 19 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths.
Annette Bosworth, M.D., (Dr. Boz), helps reverse medical problems through healthy Keto living as an Internal Medicine physician, and a leading authority in optimizing brain health.

Dr. Boz has taught at Universities, and been featured on CNN, Time Magazine, US News & World Report, Fox News, and more. Her first book, ANYWAY YOU CAN, told the story of what happened when her 71-year-old mother, dying of cancer, asked the common question “Doc, what would you do?” Grandma Rose’s story of courage, faith, and tenacity sold over 100,000 copies and inspired many to improve their health through the ketogenic nutrition.

She teaches how to overcome long-term chronic conditions such as obesity, depression, autoimmune problems, addiction, and more.

Her second book, ketoCONTINUUM, uses David’s story to teach the protocol she uses to help patients stay consistently keto. Dr. Bosworth is blessed to share her life with her husband, Chad, and their three children. You can find her at Twitter: YouTube:

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13 thoughts on “Revero Carnivore Community Meeting with Dr Annette Bosworth
  1. Just a note about ketones falling as the process moves on – once you are stable in your diet you must measure ketones in the blood, not the urine. The ketones found in urine are the ones being"dumped"…not a good representation of the circulating ketones you are producing.

  2. Metabolic health is extremely important but it’s not the absolute answer. SARS COVID is a new virus to the human race and when faced with it we are just like the indigenous populations that were decimated by European diseases after first contact. They were extremely metabolically healthy more so than the festering disease ridden Europeans that they came into contact with and yet they dropped like flies because the diseases were new to their immune systems. As measles was to them so is SARS-COVID to us. So you can bleat on about metabolic health all you like but it’s not enough by itself. Being cautious around others, getting the vaccine AND taking care of your metabolic health is the best way to protect yourself.

  3. I very much doubt that ketosis was a thing in Biblical times. Grains were a huge thing in the Bible. She’s using an analogy to fit the worldview of bible believers. She’s stumbling in the word evolution because she knows that word is anathema to bible believers but in reality humans were probably in ketosis in the hunter gatherer ages of man well before we became farmers

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