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Role of Heavy Hydrogen (Deuterium) in Translational Medicine – Laszlo G Boros (April 2021)

“The Role of Heavy Hydrogen (Deuterium) in Translational Medicine” is the presentation by Laszlo G. Boros, MD at the April 27, 2021 Zoom meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute.

Mitochondrial ATP/water biosynthesis steps involve hydrogen transfers via enzymatic cleavage, redox transfer, quantum proton tunneling, delocalization and destabilization; processes that are all compromised by heavy hydrogen isotopes. Therefore, cellular health is best understood by the discrimination of deuterium (2H) during metabolic water production, thereby metabolic water biochemistry and deuterium mediated kinetic isotopic effects become critical for Translational Deutenomics in medicine. The talk will cover research in metabolic profiling and mitochondrial nanomechanics of diseases, the production of deuterium depleted (depleted) metabolic water via nutrition and how deutenomics helps diagnostics via deuterated water metabolic imaging from nutrients.

About Laszlo G. Boros, MD

Dr.Boros holds a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from the Albert Szent- Györgyi School of Medicine, Szeged, Hungary. Dr. Boros is currently a Professor of Pediatrics, Endocrinology and Metabolism at the UCLA School of Medicine and investigator at the UCLA Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI), while he is also the Chief Scientific Advisor of SiDMAP, LLC. Dr. Boros studies functional biochemistry for phenotype as well as drug testing that involves library screening, lead optimization and in vitro and in vivo profiling. The core technology involves studying natural steady state and disease/drug induced variations in stable non-radiating isotope variations via cross talk among metabolites and 13C-glucose or deuterium as the labeling

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