Monday, November 28, 2022
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An Alternative to Dark Matter?

Models of the universe’s early days have only been possible with dark matter as a variable, but we still don’t have proof that dark matter exists. But recently, scientists may have found a way to replicate the results without the presence of the elusive matter. Plus, we’re leaking our DNA out in space!

Hosted By: Hank Green

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Dark Matter is Darker Than Once Thought


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47 thoughts on “An Alternative to Dark Matter?
  1. If anything, I find it more likely that there's a large number of particle types that DON'T interact with the quantum fields we know. Dark matter may have its own forces accociated with it we don't experience. There may even be several classes of dark matter, each with its own set of forces.

  2. Believing in dark matter and dark energy is like believing in God. It’s an act of fate and you cannot say it doesn’t exists. The grand priest scientists get astronomical budget to defend its existence just like the Pope does for God.

  3. I love this because I have had a gut feeling that when dark matter got brought up, I just felt like maybe we weren't perceiving something right? So I'm just glad we're looking into playing with ideas after all these huge dark matter detectors we invested millions in that still haven't yet helped with anything about dark matter..

  4. DM theorist: "Gravity doesn't properly explain the motion and formation of galaxy clusters, or CMB, or gravitational lensing"
    Skeptic: "Maybe there's something we don't understand about gravity"
    DM theorist: "Nah, it's way more likely that 95% of all matter and energy in the universe is just unaccounted for"

    Seriously, dark matter theory is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of

  5. I've never believed in Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Without being an astrophysics graduate I find the concepts utterly nonsense. The whole premise of "something weird must exist" to explain holes in the current model is just that, covering faults with "magic" that might exist and one day we might find.
    I believe that they don't exist and is that the physics models are incomplete, imperfect. Is not something causing more gravity or stretching the space-time fabric, is just wrong parts in the models they use.

  6. Finally getting to a point where we are disapproving dark matter, dark energy, An alternate explanation for the CNB. Let’s not forget “singularities”… I feel that at the quantum level it’s electromagnetism, then gravity takes over. But electromagnetism can take over once at a large enough scale. Much like the mass of a proton comes from the angular momentum of its constituent parts(quarks). I believe gravity is misunderstood, GR is incomplete as it does not unify with quantum yet. That’s because we misunderstand gravity.

  7. If ordinary matter can come in different forms, charges and masses, the same is probably true of the gravity field. If there are gravitons, maybe there are gravitons with varying masses and spins. Since we can't detect gravitons and have no theory for gravity on the quantum scale, we won't know why galaxies appear to have more or less matter. They say quantum and classical don't mix well, but one bleeds into the other. There has to be some theory that connects gravity on a classical scale to gravity on a quantum scale. Once we are able to do these kinds of studies we will discover a quantum gravitational field that has all the complexities of the standard model.

  8. as space and matter collapses in, it makes pressure. Maybe, something like time and space collapses in making some sort of pressure of wherever we are(wherever the universe is spreading in since the bigbang). Maybe some bubbles still around from the big bang shake. Unlike the black hole collapsing while universe has already spread, Maybe phenomenon x (dark matter) is same collapses but before or as the universe was spreading. As filling a container with gel and finding bubbles. Meaning new bubbles, dark holes, appear since universe still settle in and has inputs or reactions. Could also probably mean the universe will probably not move at all eventually in some x gazillion years. We might be a concrete brick being made and settling into shape.

  9. The discussion of the new model didn’t mention the (forgive me if I get the name wrong) bullet cluster. Two galaxies or large clusters of matter crashed trough each other forming 2 bullet like formations but the normal mater slowed down. Gravitational leasing was detected further out as if there was dark matter in the galaxies that was not slowed down by the normal mater and made it further out where it could do gravitational lensing without appearing to be there.

    It seems like this is pretty solid evidence of dark matter that the new gravitational model would need to explain somehow if. Hearing about this bullet cluster made me much less skeptical of the idea of dark matter.

  10. Dark matter is anti matter we just cant see the anti matter but it still would interact with spacetime this would also explain the where all the anti matter went after the big bang.

  11. CMB is irrelivent, our interpretations of what the CMB IS and how it formed can't over rule the direct observations of objects at cosmologically closer distances and with a more known structure and origin, the tail dose not wag the dog, the constant use of CMB to try to defend Darkmatter which has made endless wrong predictions at the scale of just our own galaxy is the sign of a dying theory. And a hacked together model which blatantly uses multiple free parameters to match known observations is worth less then the paper it is written on. Its just a distraction from MOND theory which modifies gravity by a single consistent alteration at a particular acceleration which has been shown by observation to be the point in all galaxies where gravity needs to be greater then newtons equations predict. Given the success of MOND their is zero logical reason to belive in halos of non-baryonic matter.

  12. I’m about the furthest from an astrophysicist or cosmologist, but I have a legitimate question. How do we know the “missing matter” isn’t just normal stuff we can’t see? Be it cosmic dust, other starlight obscuring it, etc.

    We can’t even see everything in our own solar system, but you’re going to tell me these people can accurately predict how much matter SHOULD be in a galaxy billions of light years away and can somehow tell its motion is irregular and is due to “missing” stuff?

    I’ve had this feeling for a while, and always tried to argue with myself out of it, but science is seemingly almost entirely about making money and securing long-term employment now days, truth be damned.

    The community needs a harsh wake up call.

  13. The fabric of space time is often described as a smooth sheet, as if one were to pull a blanket tight. Mass warps the fabric of space time and that is what creates the force we know as gravity. What if space time wasn’t a smooth sheet, what if space time was a pleated sheet with folds and creases just naturally occurring. The naturally folding space time could be the very dark matter that make galaxies possible.

  14. Gravity and electrostatic forces "decay" with 1/r^2.
    In much smaller scales, like the distance between protons in the nucleus of an atom, the "decay" is 1/r^4.
    Can it be that on much higher scales, forces acting are 1/r^1?

  15. Dark Matter is the corrective math that we apply to newtonian observatons we don't understand like rotational velocities of galaxies. Not the first time that physicists have done this. They searched for years for the planet that was causing mercury's non newtonian precession. Then einstein came along and showed that space is not a 'nothing.'

  16. What a coincidence. Hours before I watched this video, I was thinking about dark matter and how it may not exist, and that it may be some weird aspect of gravity, when it comes to very large ranges such as clusters of galaxies, that we haven't figured out yet.

  17. A great number of discoveries in science happened when someone puts an equal signal in a place where, after de discovery, everyone says "how I do not think about this before??". Einstein put this equal signal between mass and energy. And his discovery create the space-time concept. And we learned that mass curves space and this is gravity. OK. And, what if… we put an equal sign between gravity and matter? Well, we know gravity atracts and "bend" matter, too, in small scales. And what if the "space" have his own "topography"? Einstein thinks the "space-time web" is something "elastic", that matter bends. A tridimentional "elastic sheet", where mass deforms as it passes by and returns to his original form as the mass go away. Now, imagine that the "space-time" web not have this "elastic" propertie. Imagine that we have places in space-time where the "space-units" are more dense just because something let them this way. And oter places where the "space-units" are more apart one another, just because something let them this way, too. The "great attractor" would be a "mountain" in space-time, where need more energy to reach the central point, like a mountain requires more energy to us reach the top. Places like galaxies would be "holes" in space-time, where matter "falls" towards the center. It is not the central black hole that happens and pushes everything; it is this "hole" where matter "falls", untill reaches the point where there is more mass in this point than required to formate a black hole. This "Universe natural topography" will bend the light, give the galaxies their form and – I belive – will solve the dark matter mistery. And maybe, if we can understand the real topography of the "space-time sheet", we also can understand why some places in Universe seems to expande faster or slower than others. Some are "falling in valleys", others places are "climb universal mountains", makin our data of expansion go crazy like we observ.

  18. Given some recent developments, I was wondering if some compromise of variable gravity and dark matter might be in the future. But if we've got two new forces involved that modify their behavior across the lifetime of the universe, and there isn't really any dark matter – that's cool, too.

  19. What if Dark Matter is what is there before the Universe existed. Or what the Universe is using as energy to expand. And what we are looking for is the spent material.

  20. Yea… It's called dusty plasma… EM's power diminishes at the square root of the distance. Yea, you'l hear these DM dimwits that EM is there, but it doesn't do anything out there. Dumb shits need to have their power turned off.

  21. There is zero evidence dark matter exists. Gravity is simply not understood. Gravity is an effect of time distortion. And time is REALLY not understood. We don’t even know why or how time exists.

  22. Creating two random forces whose only defined parameters are that they create the CMB, and change over time in order to maintain that? Sorry, but thats literally the definition of overfitting your model to your data. If they were able to make a new constant force which had this result then sure, but the fact the rules of it have to change overtime makes this meaningless. You can recreate any physical phenomenon with "one or two forces which change how they work".

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