Thursday, December 8, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Creatine and Hair Loss

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer a live question from one of our listeners.

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“Creatine and Hair Loss”
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31 thoughts on “Creatine and Hair Loss
  1. Would I have water retention while using creating? I try supplementing creating this summer and I quickly stopped because I felt that I was having water retention. Is my mind playing tricks on me or is there any evidence that supports my suspicions?

  2. I need help on what brand of creatine and protein I should buy. 4 months ago. I was at 240lb. Now I’m at 190lb. I’m 5’2. I been doing compound workout 3 times a week. I need help with more protein and creatine.

  3. I feel like creatine is the most overrated supplement in terms of effects. Now consider that it's the supplement seen as the best one out there with the most evidence supporting it.

  4. I’ve experienced hair loss with creatine. I have a full head of hair and for the first time in my life, I was seeing hair come out when I would shampoo and condition my hair after using creatine for a couple months. I stopped using it for a little while and my hair loss stopped. I tried using creatine again and I started to see my hair fall out again. It wasn’t a significant amount the other people could tell, but it was enough for me to get worried so I stopped taking it.

  5. But what about when your creatinine levels are high then perhaps you shouldn't be supplementing with creatine? As I understand high creatinine levels are not good and indicate kidney or liver issues

  6. I would love to try creatine and see the benefits of it, but I’m honestly just too scared with the hair loss aspect as of now. I’m 26, maybe I’ll try a bit later in life. I know there isn’t direct science on it but there seems to be a decent amount of anecdotal accounts out there of people experiencing hair loss that they associate with taking or starting creatine.

    Aside from that, seems like a great supplement that has been very widely researched.

  7. Genuinely surprised of their answers as it has shown in studies to increase hair loss if you are prone to it. Im on DHT blockers but even those couldnt stop the increase in hair loss when I went on creatine

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