Monday, November 28, 2022
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Webinar: Macrogenetics through DNA barcodes

Dr. Leonardo Dapporto presents, “Macrogenetics through DNA barcodes” as part of iBOL’s “BIOSCAN: Illuminating Biodiversity” webinar series.

Macrogenetics is an exciting and fast-growing field of research. Large quantities of COI sequences obtained from DNA barcoding research provide the raw material to study the emergence of intraspecific genetic differentiation at a continental and global scale. Building upon Dr. Dapporto’s recent results and still unpublished data, he will show the potential of macrogenetics in testing the main phylogeographic hypotheses across an entire large taxon (butterflies).

Dr. Leonardo Dapporto leads the Numerical and Experimental Zoology laboratory in the Department of Biology at the Università di Firenze in Italy. Leonardo has led comprehensive DNA barcoding initiatives, studying the evolution of butterfly biodiversity through time and space, including creating a complete library for Western European butterflies. Leonardo established the first phylogenetic tree for all European species and an extensive dataset of traits. He also maintains and is an author of the recluster R package, a statistical tool for the spatial analysis of biodiversity patterns.

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