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DAVID SINCLAIR “Metformin Helps Turn On the Longevity Genes" | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips

Metformin is a derivative of a natural molecule called a “biguanide from French lilac. It has been used as an herbal medicine in Europe for centuries. In 1957, Frenchman Jean Sterne published a paper demonstrating the effectiveness of oral dimethyl biguanide to treat type 2 diabetes. Since then, the drug has become one of the most widely taken and effective diabetics medicines on the globe.

More than 60 years of research into metformin and its use by hundreds of millions of people across the globe has given us very solid footing: This drug is quite safe.

Metformin is currently being studied for its anti-aging effects. Dr David Sinclair takes 500 mg of metform in the morning and 500 mg in the evening, adding up to 1 gram daily.
The economic value of targeting aging

David Sinclair is a professor in the Department of Genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School, where he and his colleagues study sirtuins—protein-modifying enzymes that respond to changing NAD+ levels and to caloric restriction—as well as chromatin, energy metabolism, mitochondria, learning and memory, neurodegeneration, cancer, and cellular reprogramming.

Dr Sinclair has suggested that aging is a disease—and that we may soon have the tools to put it into remission—and he has called for greater international attention to the social, economic and political and benefits of a world in which billions of people can live much longer and much healthier lives.

Dr Sinclair is the co-founder of several biotechnology companies (Life Biosciences, Sirtris, Genocea, Cohbar, MetroBiotech, ArcBio, Liberty Biosecurity) and is on the boards of several others.
He is also co-founder and co-chief editor of the journal Aging. He is an inventor on 35 patents and has received more than 35 awards and honors. In 2014, he was on Time Magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World,” and listed as Time’s Top 50 in healthcare in 2018.

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9 thoughts on “DAVID SINCLAIR “Metformin Helps Turn On the Longevity Genes" | Dr David Sinclair Interview Clips
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  2. Dr. Is it ok to take Metformin with …Mild aortic regurgitation .I'm 72 years young lady active …just learned this after echo test …. Dr also wants a Calcium CT scan without contrast…..I hate radiation what's your take on all this … I'm following your protocol… really feel good… thanks God bless ❤️

  3. Happy Halloween!!! Well, my cardiologist green lighted my use of NMN's!! He told me he has great respect of your work!! That was yesterday. I told him how much better I was feeling. He said keep it up, & I'll be taking you off blood pressure medicine! Yea! Thanks Dr. Sinclair!!

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