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Mitochondrial Health


things you should know, This video is brought to you from inspiration from SUPER SUPPORTER Don Holden for holden the line (pun intended)for so long, and going to bat for the channel, much respect, Some pretty good information to know here, could just save some lives, Over the last 220 years, society has evolved a universal belief that electricity is ‘safe’ for humanity and the planet. Scientist and journalist Arthur Firstenberg disrupts this conviction by telling the story of electricity in a way it has never been told before―from an environmental point of view―by detailing the effects that this fundamental societal building block has had on our health and our planet.

In The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg traces the history of electricity from the early eighteenth century to the present, making a compelling case that many environmental problems, as well as the major diseases of industrialized civilization―heart disease, diabetes, and cancer―are related to electrical pollution.
Many are the assaults on our planet. The oceans—Jacques Cousteau said it already in 1970—are dying. The majestic wilderness is no more. The very oxygen we breathe is being converted to carbon dioxide.

Others are wrestling with those problems, and they are not going to be solved overnight. But there is one that must be: we must leave space alone.

On March 29, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval to SpacspacexeX’s plan to launch an unprecedented 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. And that’s only the beginning. SpaceX has applied to the FCC to increase the number of satellites to 12,000 in order to provide “ultrafast, lag-free Internet” to every square inch of the earth. 5G from space. SpaceX’s CEO, Elon Musk, has announced his intention to begin launches in 2019, to begin operating as soon as he has about 100 satellites in orbit, and to have at least 800 satellites up and running by 2020. The name of SpaceX’s project is “Starlink.”

The global electrical circuit, which sustains all life, is about to be seriously disturbed unless we act.
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There is a lot of protection out there such as salt lamps, and crystals like Hematite, Amethyst, that I really like, I wear an amethyst amulet, i predict that EMF protective clothing will be a major selling item in the future, the pickings are very slim at the moment, HERE IS A SNAZZY MAGNET bracelet says it has 1500 GAUSS , wearing magnets I have heard of, one of the more exotic items would be the Tesla purple plate, The violet colored plates are said to emit positive energy and affect certain objects placed on them. They range in size from 1″ to the large 12″ X 12″. “All matter comes from a primary substance, the luminiferous ether,” stated Nikola Tesla. Since the earth is protected by it’s magnetosphere my thinking is to wear a magnet that could act as one for our bodies, like I said before there is so much to know especially in medicine, which will hopefully sooner more than later some breakthroughs will be made, but as long as electricity is suppressed from the public, enough people need to gain this important knowledge until a tipping point is reached before anything will ever be done, plus the truth reaches maybe thousands while the lie is put on blast on that trusty mass public hypnotic brain washing device known as Television reaches millions, therefore we must educate ourselves to be safe,
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  1. EL be hitting it hard with the 440A disharmonies
    Need a new tune.. Big Daddy tired of watching robots hoard mannequins..
    420hz better than 432..
    432/12=36 432/7=61.7142857142857……..
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  2. Germ theory is gone and done with. If you haven't picked up on that scam after this book and the ongoing scam…you won't. Thanks for the read Greg!

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