Monday, November 28, 2022
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How Your Home Could be Making You Sick – Brian Hoyer & Shielded Healing from EMF, WIFI, & Bluetooth

Are you tired all the time?
Headaches migraines weekly or monthly?
Digestive upset that won’t quit?
Anxiety like you’ve never had before and sleep so disturbed that you can literally feel your body aging faster than it should?

As I’ve said before, It’s not about the food.

You are definitely going to want to listen up to the expert guest I have on today who will leave you wide-eyed and amazed at how your home (and even your car) could be making you sick. And we aren’t talking mold here. I have a passion for helping my clients and my listeners mitigate the dangerous effects of electromagnetic radiation from our devices, our phones, wifi, bluetooth, and cell towers because you guys, this is real, it’s published in the research, and it’s getting worse that EMF is a major part of our health decline. I myself am highly sensitive to it and have to take extra precautions in order to live in this modern tech world and not be too affected by it. And that’s why I am honored to welcome my next guest who I have been trying to get on my podcast for quite some time so I’m so glad he is here.

Brian Hoyer is a fellow Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, like myself, trained with the NTA so we definitely have that in common and, has trained with The highly regarded Klinghardt Academy, and become a certified Geo-biologist trained by a pioneering naturopathic and environmental medicine clinic in Austria that’s been addressing EMF and geopathic stress since 1983.  He is founder of Shielded Healing, a company with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate their home environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats, and help you regain your health instead continue to get sicker and sicker.

In this episode we talk sleep, digestive issues, lack of hormones and why the major issues plaguing most people today could be do to their home environment and the mass amount of radiation they are exposed to.

You are going to love Brian’s company and how they will personally set up a time to come to your residence and shield you as well as educate you from harmful EMF. And my listeners receive a special promo code:
JODELLE ….. This offers $100 off any of their EMF services.

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