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CBSE Class 9 PRACTICE PAPER 2021 for Term 1 Biology MCQ[Paper-1]๐Ÿง | Board Exam Preparation 2021

Are you worried about How to practice PYQ’s for the Term 1 Exam? So, Today Amrit Sir will take you CBSE Class 9 Practice Paper 2021 for Term 1 Biology (Paper -1) with Detailed Solutions and Discussion. This session will help you to score more marks in Class 9 Biology by taking “Practice Paper Questions From CBSE Class 9 Biology”. Along with Study tips and strategies on How to solve MCQ easily for Class 9 – 1st Term Board 2021 Science? 🧐💡 We are sure this session will be more helpful for class 9 students. Do Subscribe for more sessions like this and share with your friends!!

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📌 Topics Covered In this Session:
✦ CBSE Sample Paper for Class 9 Science
✦ Best Preparation for Class 9 Board
✦ Sample Paper Class 9 Science 2021
✦ Biology Practice Paper for 1st Term Board Exam 2021
✦ 1st Term Board – MCQ Biology Preparation
✦ Class 9 Biology Practice Paper for Board 2021
✦ Practice Paper for Class 9 Biology
✦ CBSE Class 9 Practice Paper for Biology
✦ Term 1 MCQ Questions of CBSE Class 9

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I hope you guys enjoyed this video on “CBSE Class 9 PRACTICE PAPER 2021 for Term 1 Biology MCQ[Paper-1]🧐 | Board Exam Preparation 2021” by Amrit Sir. See you in the next surprising ⏭️ session.

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48 thoughts on “CBSE Class 9 PRACTICE PAPER 2021 for Term 1 Biology MCQ[Paper-1]๐Ÿง | Board Exam Preparation 2021
  1. Connective tissues :-
    Blood – fluid matrix. Transport oxygen and other material.
    Bone – hard matrix. Make framework of body.
    Cartilage – solid matrix. Give flexibility and smooth movement
    Ligament – connect bone to bone
    Tendons – connect muscle to bone
    Areolar tissue – fill space and helps in repairing.
    Adipose tissue – contains fat globules and acts as insulator.

  2. My score is 9/10
    Types of connective tissues are, tendons-connect muscle to bone.
    ligaments – connect bone to bone.
    blood. – transport waste material, hormones, protien etc.
    cartillage-smoothen bone surface.
    aereolar tissue-Fill the space between organs.
    adipose-fat storing
    bone-Framework and support

    session was amazing.โœจโœจโœŒ๏ธ

  3. The various connective tissue:-
    1. Areolar tissue- provide packaging material.
    2. Adipose tissue- fat storing tissue.
    3.Blood- transports oxygen and co2
    4.tendons- joins muscle to bone.
    5. Ligaments- join bone to bone
    6. Cartilage- provides felexibility.
    7.Bone- form endoskeleton system.
    And about the answer all questions were correct except autonomous one because I did not knew the meaning of it.

  4. My score- 9/10
    Hw ans:

    connective tissues
    1.Blood: it transports gases, food, waste materials and hormones in the body
    2. Bone: porovides support to body and anchors the muscles.
    3.Ligament:Two bones can be connected to each other
    4. tendon: Connect muscles to bones.
    5. cartilage: It smoothes bone surรฟaces at joints and is

    present in nose, ear trachea and larynx
    6. Areolar tissues: it helps in repair of tissues.
    7. Adipose tissues: it is used for storing fats . it also acts as an insulator.
    loved the session a lot.
    thank you!

  5. Types of Connective tissue are-
    Blood- Tranporting food, minerals, etc.
    Bone- Forms a framework that supports the body.
    Ligament- Connects bone to bone
    Tendons- Connects muscles to bone
    Cartilage- Smooth muscles present in our ear, nose, etc.
    Areolar- Repairs other tissues
    Adipose- Stores fat
    Lymphs- Contains WBC

  6. 1)Areolar tissue : it fills space inside organs found around muscles ,blood vessels, nerves
    2)Dense regular : it is a fibrous connective tissue which is the main component of tendons and ligaments
    3)Adipose tissue : it is aggregation of fat cells called adipocytes.,it is abundant below skin between internal organs
    4) skeletal tissue. : It consists of bone an cartilage it protects the delicate organs like brain , lungs
    5) fluid connective tissue :. It links trh different parts of the body an maintain a continuity in the body it includes lymph an blood

  7. Hey, I am YASHIKA and I scored 9/11…
    Homework –
    Types of connective tissue
    1. Blood- flows and transports gases, digested food, hormones and waste materials etc.
    2. Bones- forms the framework and supports the body system
    3. Ligament- join bone to bone
    4. Tendons- join muscles to bone
    5. Cartilage- smoothens bone surfaces at joints
    6. Areolar- repair tissues, fills the space inside the organs and supports internal system.
    7. Adipose tissue- stores fat globules.

  8. 9/10
    Types of connective tissue
    (1) Areolar : It provides strength to plant
    (2) Adipose : It stores fat in our body
    (3) Skeletal : It provide a framework and support to our body
    (4) Blood : It transport gases and hormones in our body

    In last thank you sir
    I like your session very much
    Thank you so so much

    Sorry sir I can not buy any course because of my financial problem

  9. connective tissue
    1) Fluid connective tissue
    Function-Blood flow and transports gases , digestive food , hormones and waste materials to different parts of the body

    2) supporting connective tissue
    Function- It supports the main organs of the body ( bone )

    3) Connective tissue proper
    Function – the cell of this tissue are filled with fat globules. storage of fats also lets it act as an insulator.

    By Aarju yadav

  10. Sir saare question sahi kar diya mai mujhe dar lag rha tha ki mai ni kar paunga but because of you I did it ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—
    Thank you very much sir session was amazing โ™ฅ๏ธ

  11. Hi sir I am Nishu
    Home work question
    1 blood – transfer oxygen and CO2
    2 bone – provide structure of human being
    3 ligament – it's connect bones to bones
    4 tendon – it's connect muscles to bones
    5 cartilage – provide the Flexibility
    6 adipose – it's help in store fats
    7 areolar – it's help in filing the tissue
    Thank you so much sir ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  12. Hw
    1.blood-carrys Oxygen
    2.bone-does framework of the body
    3.cartilage-provides support and also flexibile
    4.ligaments-joins bone to bone
    5.tendons-join muscle to bone
    6.aeroler-holds the body by getting filled in space
    7.adipose-stores fat nd acts as insulator for body

  13. Scored 10/10

    Areolar Connective Tissue : provides protection against infection and fixes organs together.
    Adipose Tissue : Stores fats and energy
    Blood : Transport oxygen and carbon dioxide
    Cartilage : provide flexibility and smoothness
    Ligaments : joins bone to bone
    Tendons : joins musles to bones
    Bone : provide shape and framework of the body

  14. My score – 9/10
    Types of connective tissue are
    1. Blood – transport gases, proteins, hormones in our body
    2. Ligament – connect bone to bone
    3. Cartilage – smoothens bone surface at joints.
    4. Tendon – connect muscle to bone
    5. Bone – provide support to body and protect oragans by forming a framework.
    6. Aerolar – support internal oragans and help in repair of tissues
    7. Adipose – storing of fat and acts as an insulator to body.

  15. connective tissues:
    1. blood(transport system of cell)
    2. ligament( connect bones to bones)

    3. tendon ( connect bones to muscles)
    4. cartilage ( smoothen bone surface at joints)
    5. bone ( provides framework and shape to body, helps in movement)
    6.areolar (supports internal organs
    7.adipose tissue( fat storage)
    I scored 9/10
    amazing session sir!!!

  16. Sir one more sample paper video tomorrow. I have term exam on Monday plsssss……๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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