Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

How Heavy Metals Impact Your Hormones AND Heart Health with Guest Wendy Myers

Sometimes the biggest threat to our health is the one we’re not even aware of. This threat could be heavy metals found in our food, water, air, and environment. Joining Dr. Jack Wolfson and Dr. Lauren Lattanza is Wendy Myers, founder of Wendy is a heavy metal detox expert who has been passionate about educating people on the importance of eliminating heavy metals in the body to live a disease-free life. In this episode, she shares the story of how she got into the health field and what motivated her to create Myers Detox. Wendy is here to warn against the dangers of heavy metals and what steps you can take to minimize exposure and empower your body to fight against toxins. Tune in to get health advice you may not have known you needed.


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