Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

The ultimate macronutrient (and supplement) for longevity and health aging!

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12 thoughts on “The ultimate macronutrient (and supplement) for longevity and health aging!
  1. Liked before even starting. What do you think of ingesting ATP orally? Georgie has a product that contains ATP. I've heard Peat speak and I remember that he insinuated that it wasn't positive. That was from an interview from the last year and I don't remember which one and exactly what was said.

  2. Hey I started taking arimistane in moderation 25mg and man that stuff is solid

    I can't believe how much weight I'm lifting and I feel the DHT calmness

    I'm using it to burn fat around the waist

  3. Hans I found this very interesting. As we are all ageing and anything that can help with slowing it down I find very interesting. So we can carry on training in to a older age and less inflammation. I think I will be buying some pyruvate. Thank you Hans great information. 👍

  4. Slowly increasing my carb consumption over the past year has improved my health so much- better sleep, more energy, sharper focus too. I LOVE Pyrucet, and I've also been experimenting with Cardenosine before walking my dog…

    Question: how can I tell if my elevated energy is from proper cellular oxidation or from an adrenaline or stress response?

    Thank you, Hans, for all you do. It's always a pleasure to see your new podcasts nice and early in the morning.

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