Monday, November 28, 2022
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CrossFit Health Panel: Precision Medicine

Julie Foucher, MD – Family Physician
Matt Dawson, MD – CrossFit Precision Care
Mike Mallin, MD – CrossFit Precision Care

“I think that the old debate of nature vs. nurture, I think we realize is a ridiculous debate now … . It’s both,” Matt Dawson, MD, says.

During a panel discussion with other healthcare practitioners on the topic of genomics, Dawson shares that while an individual might be born with certain genes, this is only an “operating system,” and we have the ability to turn those genes on or off. The panel was part of a series of conversations hosted by CrossFit Health at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, with Julie Foucher, MD moderating.

Foucher relates genomics back to CrossFit, saying, “We’re always talking about doing these n of 1 experiments on ourselves, right? Trying something new, seeing how it affects your performance and deciding if it’s something you want to incorporate long term. Having the genetics gives you that more precise starting place for those experiments.”

A common theme emerges during the discussion: Your genes make you unique, and knowledge of those genes can equip you with important data as you seek to make lifestyle choices that will result in optimal health and performance.

In this conversation, the panelists give a crash course in genomics and share how precision medicine can be applied to improve the health of anyone, from athletes to the elderly. They explore the various ways genomics can impact nutrition, mental health, and sports performance, and they share how they’ve personally used genomics to improve their own biomarkers.


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11 thoughts on “CrossFit Health Panel: Precision Medicine
  1. This is so interesting. I use to get so nervous before RX-ing a WOD knowing I’ll be visiting the “pain cave” (I’m pretty sure I have that anxiety gene…lol). But after a major surgery I was forced to scale and the anxiety was gone, I mostly do the women’s RX these days (but like Pat Sherwood would say…”fitness was still achieved”). I’m 53, been CrossFitting for 8 years, had my L-1 and tell everyone that exercise is the “fountain of youth”. But all this to say I can see how this genomics can also help our coaches as well…

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