Monday, November 28, 2022
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Chris Burres on Fullerene (C60) for Sleep Enhancement and Anti Viral Activities

A fun discussion with Chris Burres on the amazing attributes Fullerene C6O, from its discovery, to anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, sleep enhancement and so much more.


Chris Burres is an engineer and owner of SES Research who confirmed findings on Carbon 60, a Nobel Prize-winning technology.

Topics discussed:

– 00:00 Starts time
– 1:45 Who is Chris Burres
– 4:20 Dancing and Acting for the body
– 5:10 Meisner Acting Classes for Mental Health
– 9:12 Discovery of C60/ ESS60
– 14:40 Uses of c60 Bucky Ball
– 17:35 What is C60 not well know?
– 17:45 Production of C60
– 22:09 How was C60 first used as a food supplement?
– 23:55 Anti-viral activity of c60
– 24:27 Toxicity study on C60 resulted in increased longitivtiy and anti- tumour activity
– 26:46 ESS60 vs C60
– 28:26 What does ESS60 stand for?
– 29:32 C60 products on the market
– 32:19 C60 dose for benefits
– 33:25 Human clinical studies on C60
– 36:46 How does C60 work in the body?
– 37:18 CV19, AIDS and C60
– 38:35 Anti- ageing and C60, Vitamin C
– 39:37 C60 and Sleep- Why we sleep by Matthew Walker
– 40:57 Why C60 may impact sleep?
– 43:35 Adenosine buildup and sleep
– 45:15 Circadian rhythm and sleep
– 46:08 Aura ring sleep data
– 47:23 Migraines
– 48:43 Importance of Sleep
– 50:07 Contraindications related to C60
– 50:49 C60 and CV19
– 52:12 C60 and Anti- inflammation
– 52:57 C60 and the Microbiome
– 54:20 Comparison between C60 in Olive Oil, MCT and Olive Oil
– 56:40 CV19 situation
– 57:08 Top tips for Immune Health
– 01:02:45 Chris’s top tips for Gut Health

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