Thursday, December 8, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Reverse Eye Aging With Red Light Therapy | Study Review BY Modern Healthspan

In this video we look at study where red light therapy, in the 670 nm range was used to activate mitochondria in the eye and improve the vision of people over 40.

Papers mentioned in this video
Optically Improved Mitochondrial Function Redeems Aged Human Visual Decline

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18 thoughts on “Reverse Eye Aging With Red Light Therapy | Study Review BY Modern Healthspan
  1. On this topic there have also been studies that show some sort of flashing of lights at a certain frequency can help to clean amyloid. Something like that.

  2. I've been reading about red-light mitochondrial support therapy for years and have found blue-blocker glasses combined with red filtering glasses reduce strain on my eyes & dramatically improve my sleer over the last few years. This looks like something I can try too. Thx Richard.

  3. Pulse oximeters include two Light Emitter Diodes (LEDs), a Red LED (660 nm,) and an Infra Red LED (940 nm), so many people already have everything they need to try this out. As you mentioned, getting the 'right' intensity (which isn't really known) can be controlled by changing the distance between the diode and the eye. Since my old eyes are not what they used to be, I will try this out.

  4. Thank you for talking about this study. Lots of questions pop up: Did the participants gaze DIRECTLY into the red light with open eyes and in which angle was the device to shine light on the eyes? Did the participants gaze with open eyes or closed eyes in the red light? At what specific (morning, noon, evening?) time of the day did the therapy take place? Thank you for answering.

  5. The device you have projects in both NIR and RED. deep red around 660 to 670nm but also in NIR at around 850nm. This together could be used to illuminate over the skin for 10-15mins a day to produce stimulatation for the purpose of promoting mitochondria biogensis. Since the light is dispersed then there shouldn’t be any risk deriving from looking at it as the emission's density is expected to be low in both wavlengths.

  6. Do you have a link a link to a address or phone number that I can purchase at red light that would help me out a lot can you give me the answer please I sure would help me if you'd help me out with that to give me the answer where I can get one thank you appreciate it

  7. I feel the red light I have a bit too bright to look at, I have it for skin instead of eyes. Will check again for my machine frequency first. IT will be brilliant if it can help my eyes, thank you!

  8. Consuming three raw eggs a day led to a marked (major) improvement in my eyesight. I put it down to my eyesight declining due to poor diet for years prior, particularly most likely a lack of sufficient taurine in my diet. Now my eyesight is perfect again, it is as good as it was in my 20's, which is both amazing, unexpected and wonderful.

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