Monday, November 28, 2022
Mitochondrial Health

Losing 30 pounds without extreme fasting or restriction, PSMF – Answering your questions LIVE

How I lost 30 pounds without extreme calorie reduction, extreme fasting, PSMF, eating only lean meats – etc. How I have improved my mitochondrial health for free and did not change my diet drastically!

0:00 Introduction
2:58 What is your normal daily routine – sunrise – red light – grounding – etc?- 2:58
8:42 How to use blue blockers?
12:46 Your exercise routine to lose weight and do you work out now?
17:06 How do you avoid sunburn
20:03 Dry skin even after tallow very scaly?
25:36 What do you do for gut health?
27:30 Are you worried about mercury levels with seafood?
30:00 Is D3 K2 safe if I live in Europe?
32:00 What light bulbs do you use in your house?
33:45 Benefits of red light therapy?
35:00 Do you eat any vegetables? How often?
39:00 What do you eat in a day and what is your fasting routine?
40:00 What do you eat to come out of ketosis?
43:45 How do you put a color filter on your phone?
45:00 Trouble sleeping through the night on carnivore or keto?
45:33 Thoughts on a 10,000 Lux light box if you have to be at work before sun up
46:16 How to get out of bed before sunrise – it’s hard ?
50:14 What is circadian biology?
51:07 What changes did you make with calories?
51:45 How many steps a day do you take now?
52:14 What can people in northern climates like Canda do in the winter?
52:34 Have you used DDW for 90 days yet? I would love to hear an update


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23 thoughts on “Losing 30 pounds without extreme fasting or restriction, PSMF – Answering your questions LIVE
  1. I live near the arctic circle and I have really no clue on how to implement the circadian stuff here. In the summer months the sun is up all around the clock, and now in the wintertime it's dark almost all around the clock. We have a few hours of "daylight", but it's pretty "grey" and not very bright at all. We will get less and less of that up until around the end of december when it starts to turn around again, but it's a very slow process.

    Btw, my D-minder app says today that it's 144 days left until I'm able to get vit D and it has been so for a couple of months now already.🤪 It's amazing how we even are able to function up here. Well, I'm barely functioning so…🤪

    I really don't know what to do though. I need a Sperti lamp but it's too expensive. I know it's possible to build a vit D lamp, but right now I don't know how. Maybe you can have an interview with someone that explains how to to it?

    Do you set an alarm to get up before sunrise btw? That must be less optimal though than to wake on your own in that case?

  2. Hi Sarah! If it’s -10 (or worse) haha…what do you think about just staring at the sun from inside? Believe me, I’d rather be out, but it can be totally freezing here, as in -30…ty! ❤️ from 🇨🇦 I do go outside in the weather, but Dr. Holicik, a Vitamin D doctor, says that northern climates do not absorb Vitamin D in winter, no matter even if ‘s a pure sunny day! And don’t get me wrong, even if he is correct, I go out tons in winter anyway.

  3. Thanks for the information as always. You’re one of the first podcasts I watch when they come up.
    Did you notice a big difference with the hydrogen tablets and quinton minerals? How long do you plan on using them? If I buy Mountain Water (real mountain water) won’t this be the same? I’m just curious as I’m trying to figure out what helps the most and prioritize. I know you’re overwhelmed with questions so I understand if you can’t answer every question.

  4. I know everyone is different , how many calories do you get a day ? The video is called lose 30 lbs , did you lose 30 lbs recently ? In short amount of time ? I need to lose 20 lbs and can’t seem to get there

  5. So many things to buy where do I start? I feel overwhelmed with all of this. I have been taking the healthy gut enzymes and HCL but not butyrate yet. I also just purchased the HTMA last night to start. Is that a good start. Eating carnivore for the most part and I know I want to get the sunrise in more. All the lights and the water stuff should that come later? What would you prioritize first I guess is what I'm wondering? Thanks!

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