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The Science Behind NAD+ Booster. Dr Eric Verdin, Dr David Sinclair, Dr Rhonda Patrick & Sweet Fruit

The Science Behind NAD+ Booster Activator and Anti-Aging Molecule.

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Eric M. Verdin
President of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Eric M. Verdin is the 5th President and Chief Executive Officer of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. He is a native of Belgium. Dr. Verdin is also a Professor of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, PhD, is an American biochemist who has done extensive research on aging, cancer, and nutrition. Her groundbreaking work includes studies of how vitamin and mineral inadequacies impact metabolism, inflammation, DNA, and aging, and whether supplementation can reverse the damage.

David A Sinclair
David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School. He is best known for his work on understanding why we age and how to slow its effects. He obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 1995. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at M.I.T. with Dr. Leonard Guarente where he co-discovered a cause of aging for yeast as well as the role of Sir2 in epigenetic changes driven by genome instability. In 1999 he was recruited to Harvard Medical School where he has been teaching aging biology and translational medicine for aging for the past 16 years. Dr. Sinclair is co-founder of several biotechnology companies (Sirtris, Ovascience, Genocea, Cohbar, MetroBiotech, ArcBio, Liberty Biosecurity) and is on the boards of several others. He is also co-founder and co-chief editor of the journal Aging. His work is featured in five books, two documentary movies, 60 Minutes, Morgan Freeman’s “Through the Wormhole” and other media. He is an inventor on 35 patents and has received more than 25 awards and honors including the TIME magazine’s list of the “100 most influential people in the world”.

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Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To by Dr David Sinclair

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7 thoughts on “The Science Behind NAD+ Booster. Dr Eric Verdin, Dr David Sinclair, Dr Rhonda Patrick & Sweet Fruit
  1. I have a question for David Sinclair? What is he using NAD manufactured so i can buy it also because a lot of NMN difft.manufactured and i dont know which one is really true.

  2. this is super technical. I wish this would explain best benefits for regular people in simple terms. What's the saying? If you can explain it to a 6 yr old, then you really know the material. Something to that effect.

  3. David,

    I just started reading your book, Lifespan, yesterday at the request of a friend. Even though I’ve studied science since 1960, I’ve stopped reading any books by medical people, doctors or researchers, because their scientific abilities, in general, are so poor.

    I have to admit that for the first 147 pages, I was impressed even though you said a few things that were totally wrong. I’m assuming you are a good researcher, but then page 148 happened.

    On that page you stated that you believed in the beneficial effects of vaccination! This is shocking to me because you seem to have no clue that vaccination, next to current AMA cancer therapies, are the worst thing that the medical system has ever done to humanity. Vaccination has damaged BILLIONS of people and has dramatically shortened the lives of MILLIONS of people, never really even helping one person.

    Now, you may ask who the hell am I, not being a medical researcher, so I’ll tell you. I fell in love with science in November of 1960, when I was in the second grade. Since then, I’ve read over 3,500 science books, performed hundreds of scientific experiments, solved tens of thousands of scientific, mathematical and engineering problems.

    What woke me up about vaccination was the fact that my children were both damaged by vaccines in the 1990s. Because of that I did some research on the topic and was shocked when I read a 1898 scientific paper by a British scientist, Alfred Russel Wallace, that was called “Vaccination a Delusion: It’s Penal Enforcement a Crime.” You can easily find the original paper on the Internet, which you should do immediately. If you do, then you will find that Jenner’s vaccine was one of the three major CAUSES of smallpox, and NEVER reduced it.

    I hope you can learn about this.


    Victor Connor

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